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Best Questions to Ask Law School Admissions Officers + Tips

January 3, 2024
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David Merson

Former Head of Pre-Law Office, Northeastern University, & Admissions Officer, Brown University

Reviewed: 09/08/23

To help you ace your interview with admissions officers, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask law school admissions teams.

Law school is competitive, and you want to present yourself as a strong, well-rounded candidate to law school admissions officers. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your top picks for law schools, a key step in the application process is nailing interviews with schools. A great way to make a lasting impression is by asking relevant questions to the admissions officers. 

We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together some key questions to ask in your law school interview to help you out. Keep reading below.

Good Questions To Ask Law School Admissions Officers

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There are a few essential things to remember when coming up with questions to ask admissions officers. 

Firstly, keep your questions positive and open-ended. Positive, open-ended questions show that you are genuinely looking forward to potentially attending the school and allow officers to give you more information about your question. 

Secondly, ask questions that demonstrate serious intent to attend the school. The application and admissions process takes a lot of time for schools, and they don’t want to waste time on anyone who doesn’t seem interested in attending. 

Additionally, there will be hundreds of other applicants who will show they want to attend the school. Make sure you show off your genuine interest as well!

Here is a list of good questions to ask:

1. What Are You Looking for in an Applicant?

This question tells the admissions team that you want to work to be a strong applicant and want to work towards what they want to see in an applicant. 

Why do they care that you’re interested in what they want to see? They will believe that you are interested in attending this specific school and not just throwing your hat in wherever you can. 

2. In What Ways Have Past Applicants Really Impressed You?

This is a good question because it demonstrates that you are interested in impressing the admissions committee and are actively trying your best to get accepted. 

This question can piggyback off of the first question, as it shows you are taking your application one step further. 

3. What Is the Process of Applying to Clinics and Internships? 

Again, this question is open-ended so it allows admissions officers to potentially provide you with a lot of useful information. The question also shows that you are actually interested in attending the school. Internships and clinics are huge deals for law students and offer great work experience. 

Asking about applying to clinics and internships also shows that you are dedicated to building your resume and experience and participating in the school's resources. 

4. What Is Campus Culture Like?

Asking about campus culture is another great question because it demonstrates your interest in attending the school and interacting with the school’s community. Admissions officers will be looking for applicants who will be active members of the community and activities. 

5. What Is Your Favourite Part About Working for This School?

This is a fun question to ask the admissions officers. Asking what their favorite part of working at the school also indicates is that you are interested in attending the school and want to hear what people love about it! 

Admissions officers probably don’t get asked questions like this often, which might also help you stand out during the interview. 

6. What Sort of Financial Aid Do You Offer For Students?

As with the previous questions on this list, this one also demonstrates that you are interested in attending the school and being successful at the school. 

Applying for law school scholarships is a big time commitment, but it shows you are willing to make an effort. 

7. How Does the School Support Professional Networking and Career Development?

This question shows you're interested in how the school helps students connect with professionals and plan their careers. It's about more than just learning; you want to make valuable connections for your future in law.

8. Can You Provide Insights on the School's Alumni Success Stories?

This is one of the best questions to ask admissions officers. Asking about successful graduates tells the school you care about the impact of their program. You're curious about what past students achieved after studying there. It's like saying you want to follow in their footsteps and be part of the school's success stories.

9. What Opportunities Exist for Collaborative Learning and Teamwork Among Students?

You show you like learning with others by asking about working with classmates. You value a friendly and cooperative environment where everyone helps each other. It's like saying you want to be a positive and active school community member.

10. Could You Tell Me More About the Experiential Learning Opportunities Available?

This question is about gaining practical skills and experience. You want to know how you can use what you learn in real situations. It's like saying you're excited to study the law and practice it in the real world.

These are just a few examples of questions to ask, but definitely not the only ones! If you have other ideas similar to those we listed and relevant to the school and program you are applying to, feel free to ask them.

Questions You Should Not Ask

Avoiding certain questions is important when engaging in a law school admissions interview. Here's a list of questions to steer clear of, ensuring your conversation remains positive and professional.

1. Can You Tell Me About the Average GPA and LSAT Scores of Accepted Students?

Avoid asking about statistics that are readily available on the school's website. Instead, focus on questions that delve into the unique qualities of the program, faculty, and opportunities the school offers. Demonstrating that you've done your research will show your genuine interest.

2. What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Directly asking about your chances of admission can put admissions officers in a difficult spot. They evaluate applications holistically, considering various factors beyond GPA and LSAT scores. Instead, inquire about qualities that successful applicants tend to possess or ask about what the school values in its applicants.

3. How Does Your School Compare to [Another School]?

Comparing one school to another might suggest that you haven't thoroughly considered the specific strengths of the school you're interviewing with. Focus on learning about the unique programs, faculty, and opportunities at the school you're interested in.

4. What's the Minimum Number of Pro Bono Hours Required?

Asking about the minimum requirement for community service hours could imply that you're only interested in fulfilling obligations rather than being actively engaged in the school's community. Instead, ask about the various ways students can get involved in community service and contribute positively.

5. Can I Change My Personal Statement After Submitting the Application?

Once you've submitted your application, it's generally expected that all components, including your personal statement, are final. Instead, focus on discussing the aspects of your application that highlight your qualifications and interest in the program.

6. Can You Tell Me Which Professors Are Easiest to Get Good Grades From?

Inquiring about professors perceived as easy graders can suggest that you're more focused on achieving high grades than engaging in a rigorous academic experience. Instead, ask about the faculty's approach to teaching, their research interests, and how they support student learning.

7. How Quickly Can I Finish the Program?

Focusing solely on the duration of the program might overlook the depth of the educational experience and the value of taking your time to understand the material fully.

Instead, ask about the curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, and how the program is designed to prepare students for their legal careers. Try to demonstrate that you’re equipped to handle the challenge of law school

8. What's the Best Way to Cheat the Admissions Process?

Asking about ways to manipulate the admissions process is inappropriate and unethical. Always approach the admissions process with honesty and integrity. Instead, focus on questions that highlight your genuine interest and qualifications.

9. Can You Tell Me What's on the Interviewer's Evaluation Form?

Asking about specific evaluation criteria could suggest that you're trying to tailor your responses solely to meet those criteria. Instead, prepare for the interview by showcasing your authentic qualities, experiences, and motivations.

Do your best to avoid these mistakes. One poorly thought-out question can quickly derail your interview. So, make sure to come prepared!

Useful Tips

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To have a meaningful conversation with law school admissions officers, the questions you choose are important. They show your interest and how well you fit in with the school. Understanding which questions are important to ask law school admissions officers is essential when preparing to apply.

Stay Positive and Open

When formulating questions for law school admissions officers, keep a positive and open tone. Craft inquiries that reflect your enthusiasm for the school and the application process. 

Positive and open-ended questions convey your genuine interest and encourage admissions officers to provide thorough and insightful responses. This approach helps to create a favorable impression and demonstrates your eagerness to learn more about the school's offerings.

Show You're Serious

As you prepare questions, aim to demonstrate your serious intent to attend law school. Admissions officers appreciate candidates genuinely interested in their institution and committed to the application process. 

By asking thoughtful and meaningful questions, you show that you're not just casually considering the school but are actively seeking to understand its unique attributes and how they align with your aspirations.

Match Your Fit

Tailor your questions to highlight how well you align with the law school's values, programs, and opportunities. Inquiring about aspects that resonate with your academic and career goals indicates that you've done your research and are keen on finding a school that complements your ambitions.

By asking about specific offerings or initiatives that directly relate to your interests, you showcase your potential as a valuable addition to their community.

Highlight Your Value

Compe up with questions that reflect your desire to contribute positively to the law school community while also benefiting from its resources. 

Inquiring about ways to get involved in extracurricular activities, clinics, or internships shows that you're considering your growth and engagement. This approach reflects well on your willingness to immerse yourself in the educational experience and make the most of the opportunities available.

Ask School-Specific Questions

Avoid generic questions that could apply to any law school. Instead, demonstrate your genuine interest by asking about the school's unique features, programs, and faculty. Tailoring your questions to the institution's specific offerings shows that you've taken the time to research and understand what makes their law program distinct from others.

Avoid Basic Info

Refrain from asking questions about information that is readily available on the school's website or in their official materials. Instead, focus on asking questions that delve deeper into the school's culture, opportunities, and areas of specialization.

Skip Comparisons

Avoid comparing the law school you're interviewing with to other institutions. This can give the impression that you're not genuinely interested in the unique qualities of the school you're speaking to. 

Instead, center your questions on understanding what makes the specific law school stand out and how it aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Respect Their Process

Frame your questions in a way that respects the admissions process and the school's values. Avoid asking questions that could be interpreted as trying to manipulate or game the system. Approach the interview with honesty, integrity, and a genuine desire to learn more about the school and how you can contribute positively.

Be Enthusiastic

Infuse your questions with genuine enthusiasm for the school and its offerings. Ask about programs, faculty members, and initiatives that genuinely excite you. By showcasing your passion and curiosity, you convey your sincere interest in becoming a part of their community and making the most of the opportunities available.

By applying these tips when crafting questions for law school admissions officers, you can engage in a meaningful and impactful conversation that leaves a positive impression and highlights your alignment with the school's values and goals.

FAQs: Questions To Ask Law School Admissions

Still have questions about what you should ask during your law school interview with the admissions committee? We answer some of your frequently asked questions below. 

1. What Questions Should I Ask About Law School?

As said before, ask questions that are positive and open-ended. As long as you are polite and genuine, asking any questions relevant to the school and your education will give you extra points.  

2. What Do Admissions Officers Look for in Law School?

U.S. News lists six factors that admissions officers look for in applicants. The factors are: 

  • Transcripts
  • Standardized test scores
  • Life experience
  • Work and volunteer experience
  • Recommendations
  • Motivation and goals

Asking admissions officers questions is a good way to continue discussing your life, work, and volunteer experience, as well as your intention to continue to grow your experience. 

For example, ask about extracurricular activities available for students to assure admissions officers that you are willing and ready to gain new life and work experience. 

3. What Should I Ask a Law School Recruiter?

Ask questions that tell the admissions officers that you are a strong, motivated, and professional candidate. Use some of the examples we provided, and come up with a few of your own if you’d like!

Final Thoughts

Every part of the law school application process is important, from understanding the application requirements to meeting deadlines and more. It can also be tough knowing how many schools to apply to. However, the payoff of attending law school is certainly worth your time and energy. 

The interview with the admissions committee is especially important because it is the first time they are meeting with you face-to-face and getting to know you as an individual rather than just another applicant. 

Show up prepared to answer questions and have a few good questions to ask the law school admissions officers (don’t forget to dress appropriately as well!) and you’ll nail the interview.

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