Who We Are: Testimonials

My time working with Juris could not have been more enjoyable! I took my LSAT on June 21st with the goal of applying to Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Law School, and knew I needed to quickly turn my attention to my applications.

I have a relatively overrepresented professional background and was concerned about how I could stand out from the many with identical work experience. I knew I wanted to engage a consultant and knew I needed someone who (1) could dedicate the time to truly understand what makes me ME, (2) keep up with my rapid pace of iterations, and (3) had a diverse client base such that he or she wasn’t giving the exact same, cookie-cutter advice to dozens of other applicants struggling with the same issue. Further, I knew that my working style would require a lot of consultation, discussions, and experimenting with ideas.

I did an intro call with Juris and quickly gained comfort around my couple of key criteria. I was attracted to the fact that each counselor only takes on ~5 clients and that there is no limitations in terms of consultations, edits and changes.

Once I started working with my counselor, I was extremely impressed by his commitment to my application push. He spent hours on the phone with my drawing out every detail of my childhood up through my current job, taking detailed notes, and spitballing some potential essay topics. Yaron was also willing to speak with my parents for a few hours and used that conversation to fill in some of the detail about my younger years. What I was most impressed by, however, was the pace at which he turned things around – I would send him multiple full essay drafts almost every night before I went to sleep (~between 12 am and 3 am) and would get back thoughtful comments on each draft the very next morning (even on weekends!). My counselor’s geographic location allowed for this dynamic, and it was clear to me that he was reviewing my essays for hours starting from the moment he woke up.

I was incredibly proud of how my applications turned out and I attribute a great deal of my success to Juris’ hands-on, white-glove approach to the process. I got the sense that they really cared about getting to know me and helping me reach my goals, which made the whole process that much more enjoyable and productive.

I have enthusiastically recommended Juris to all my coworkers and friends and hope my excitement has come through here. With Juris’ help, I ultimately earned acceptance at Stanford Law School (along with a waitlist at Yale that is still pending at the time of writing).

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Alice C, accepted at Stanford Law School

I had an amazing experience working with Juris. Wanted to pivot out of my job, I reached out to Juris early in the process, more than a year before the deadlines. During our initial assessment, they provided pivotal advice that proved critical to my admission success, including retaking my LSAT and beefing up my pro-bono experience. The former ensured that I had a score that was competitive among the very competitive Asian female demographic pools and the latter helped me develop my overall story and showcase my social consciousness to the AdCom. Throughout the process, we built a genuine connection. She knew the elements of my life story very well and pieced them perfectly together during the brainstorming process. The turnaround of the essay edits was incredibly efficient, with clear and actionable feedback. The interview prep also got me very comfortable in front of the interviews throughout all my interviews, and answers often came right out because of how familiar I was with elements of my story. The outcome of the application season was more than I had hoped for. UC Berkeley as my top choice offered me $60,000 in scholarship. I wholeheartedly recommend Juris to anybody who is serious about getting into his or her dream program.

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Neha L, accepted at Berkeley Law

I am so glad I decided to work with the Juris Education team for law school admissions, they were phenomenal! They made the process so enjoyable and removed all of my stress. As someone who didn't know anyone who had gone through the law school admissions process before, it was helpful to have an admissions consultant walk me through it. And they have such an amazing eye for everything I needed. From helping me with LSAT prep to providing information about writing styles and helping edit essays, to just knowing how to reply to an email from an interviewer - My counselor helped me through every step in the process, with unlimited support and calls as I needed.

One of my favorite parts about working with her was that she was able to listen to my story to help me put together my interests and passions to figure out potential career goals. She listened to every word I said and helped tremendously to help me shape my story, and know what portions to pull out that would be most interesting to the Admissions Committee. Additionally, the entire Juris team was so well structured. I was able to work with an individual twice who was knowledgeable specifically in interview prep, an acting company to help my on-camera presence, to work directly with my recommenders to ensure they had help with the process as well.

Not only was she incredibly professional, but she was a genuinely kind person who really cares about you, your success, and your career progression, and that really shows with the amount of support and guidance she provides. I knew I wanted to work with Juris as they were top of the line and helped start-to-finish with the process, but she was truly the cherry on top who made the usually grueling application a really enjoyable experience. I cannot recommend the Juris team highly enough - they are an absolute joy, create an amazing ecosystem, and are rooting for your success from Day 1.

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Varun D, accepted at UPenn Carey Law School

Juris and its team of consultants are an extraordinary bunch of coaches and consultants. When I started the JD application, I was not in a great place. I had an interesting career path, but my LSAT score and my GPA were not stellar, and I had little confidence in my application prospects. Speaking with Juris for the first time, I felt that they genuinely believed in me, and cared about helping me craft the best possible application.

I started working with Juris for my JD applications targeting 8 schools. At first, I was uncomfortable telling my story. They have a way of putting people at ease and drawing out the best. Rather than filling out an intake form, we had twice-weekly calls and developed a wonderful rapport.

They were brilliant at connecting the dots and posing thoughtful questions that coalesced into a solid narrative. Going through this process, it was a breeze to craft the essays. My counselor was a wonderful writer, making the process less intimidating (and actually fun). He was incredibly responsive and generous with his time, happy to go through dozens of mock interview sessions until I felt confident and thoroughly prepared.

His genuine warmth and kindness, his ability to draw out the best in each person, and his thorough knowledge of the different perspectives in the application process were invaluable.

Combined with Juris’ resources and program, I could not have asked for a smoother and better application resource. The interview prep sessions Juris provided were excellent, giving me tools to relax and structure my preparation. Finally, Juris encouraged me to retake the LSAT through their amazing tutor who helped me achieve my target score.

I am so grateful to Juris for getting me interview invites to almost all the schools I applied to, and for helping me get into my dream school, UVA! Also, as an unexpected bonus, I thank Juris for helping me figure out my deepest motivators and passions, and map out what I actually want to do with my life.

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Mark C, accepted at University of Virginia School of Law

I had an amazing experience working with Juris. We spent significant time going over items such as realistic career goals to crafting my life story that we could then leverage for my applications. At times when I was slacking on my applications, Juris got me back on track by having weekly calls with me to think through what was stumping me. When it came time to interview, they provided a theatre coach to help me come across in my best light and connected me with other consultants at Juros to have mock interviews with.

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Amy, accepted at Harvard Law School

The team at Juris provided a very structured approach for my JD applications. This allowed me to create effective material which included all pertinent talking points the AdCom for the respective law schools are looking for. Furthermore, my team was very flexible and always reachable. I got admission to two Top 10 schools along with scholarship offers. One of the scholarship offers was tied to topics I included in my essays which I may have omitted if not for the Juris team's suggestion of said topic's pertinence. I would highly recommend them.

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Scott, accepted at Cornell Law School

I worked with Juris Education for 10 schools and I was accepted into 7 of them! My team was professional, easy to work with, and turned around the essay I sent to them quickly. I appreciated the mix of in-line feedback and thought-provoking comments. Because of their help, I was able to confidently submit my essay. Thank you so much for being so wonderful to work with!

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Chris, accepted at Georgetown Law School

Having an LSAT score lower than anticipated and with limited time to improve, my focus on having a perfect application quickly became my number one priority. A friend recommended Juris to me and after an initial call, I never looked further. They are extremely empathic and professional consultants, catering to the requirements of the candidate and delivering a truly personal service.

After an interesting meeting that felt like a true introspection into oneself, my team laid out all the groundwork I needed to cover in a clear and precise manner. Through their thorough questions, they take a deep dive into your persona finding those hidden elements that make each one of us unique. They discovered personal values that one had always either neglected or taken for granted and turned them into valuable skills that improved the application substantially.

I was so impressed with the initial session, I decided to have them help me with the rest of the process and was ever so grateful they did.

They have a unique ability to take a dull application and polish it to really make it stand out from the crowd by providing purpose, color, and a clear structure. They have been super helpful and responsive and has always been available for me, no matter the day or the time!

After several months of hard work, I was offered a seat in a top JD program in the U.S. If it hadn’t been for Juris, I would have never made it in.

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Priyanka, accepted at Yale Law School

I contacted Juris because it was recommended to me by current JD students. Juris provided me with team-based support. Sarah acted as my matchmaker and ensured that I was matched with the best consultant for my personality and target schools. My primary counselor created a detailed plan and supported me throughout the application process. She provided a flight test and final feedback for my application as well as prepared me for the mock interviews. In the end, I was very happy with my results!

My counselor was understanding, friendly, and detail-oriented. She relieved a lot of my stress by ensuring that I was organized by putting together a roadmap with deadlines. During our weekly check-ins, she consistently provided constructive feedback and provided insights on how I could best position myself in my applications. She took the time to truly understand my story and the underlying themes in my life. She was dependable and responsive throughout the entire process. With no reservations at all, I recommend working with her and I cannot imagine going through this process without Juris! She gave me the confidence boost that I needed to apply to law school. She is dedicated to ensuring her clients are submitting their best work and anyone would be happy to have her as a consultant!

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Julie, accepted at University of Chicago Law School

The team at Juris was an incredible resource - both professionally and personally. Their insight into what top schools are looking for and helping to shape my narrative made a world of difference for my application. Outside of the actual application, they kept me upbeat and positive despite a very tough application cycle - ultimately ending in success thanks to them! I would absolutely recommend Juris to anyone who is applying to any JD program.

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Skylar, accepted at Harvard Law School

Melissa was an incredible person to work with, super experienced and punctual. Firstly, I went into this process as a nervous, not-very-confident non-traditional applicant. From the get-go, Melissa provided me with so much confidence by helping me highlight my greatest strengths and selling points and hence laying a really strong foundation for my story while making sure I keep my own unique voice. Second, she's an amazing editor; she really helped me make my essays more succinct and easy-flowing. Ultimately, all of this helped me get into three top schools, including a top-5!

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James, accepted at NYU School of Law

Joy really helped me flesh out my ideas during the essay writing process, and provided very valuable feedback. With her help, I got into my target school during the last round of admissions, and I even received a fantastic scholarship offer.

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Blake, accepted at Berkeley Law

I highly recommend Juris. Although Juris advises some applicants from the very start of their law school application process, I engaged Juris after I had written self-reflections and begun drafting essays. I wanted someone to serve as a sounding board for my ideas, and to offer tips on expressing myself effectively in writing and in interviews.
First, I appreciated that my counselor could adapt his approach to clients of all readiness levels. As mentioned, I came to him having already completed a fair amount of preparation. Instead of making me rewrite my thoughts in his templates or follow his usual process, he got to know me through the materials that I had already put together myself. His adaptiveness saved me time and ensured that I got what I was seeking out of our sessions together.
Second, I enjoyed the advantages that came from his membership in the larger Juris organization. As a few examples: he shared guidance from the most knowledgeable individuals in his network.
Third and most importantly: Even as an applicant who had already done some preparation, I benefitted from the team’s advice. As a sounding board for my ideas, he helped me to identify my most compelling stories, recognize areas where I could add depth, and cut color commentary. He also pointed out stylistic areas to improve in my interviewing style, and our practice boosted my confidence.
All in all, it was a pleasure working with Juris. I would recommend them to students at any stage in the law school application process. (And I was ultimately accepted at two of the top five U.S. JD programs first-round.)

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Jonathan, accpeted at Stanford Law School

I worked closely with Amy to draft and edit my resume, essays, and other application materials for 15 JD programs. Amy was a terrific partner who delivered feedback quickly and helped me brainstorm new ideas when I was feeling stuck. I was accepted by 8 of my target programs, and owe much of my success to Amy’s help. Thanks, Amy and Team Juris!

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Angela, accpeted at Columbia Law School

Stacy was incredibly helpful and got me ready to perform well during my interview. I had a few holes in my application, and she and I worked through a few different answer options to make sure I was putting my best foot forward. I'm grateful for the time we spent doing this prep because it worked and I got into my dream school.

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Abhishek, accepted at U Penn Carey Law School

Melissa helped me get into 5 of my top programs!!! With her help, I got into UCLA, Vanderbilt, USC, UT Austin, and BU!!! I am over the moon and know for a fact that this would have never happened if it had not been for working with Melissa.

Things I loved about working with Melissa:

1) She is incredibly structured. I am also a very organized person, but I can get lazy, so her structured program and nature were exactly the motivation I needed to stay on top of my applications/my timelines.

2) She is detail-oriented. She does not stop until the essays/applications are PERFECT. I appreciate that she is always looking to improve, always looking to phrase something better, and goes the extra mile to ensure I’m putting my best foot forward.

3) Her perspective is invaluable – she knows these schools inside and out. Whether it’s writing essays or doing mock interviews, she knows exactly what these schools are looking for and why they’re asking the questions that they ask.

I could not recommend her more!!!

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Joon, UCLA Law School

Juris was a critical thought partner throughout the application process. Their services were definitely a value add and really helped keep me on track with timing. They shined brainstorming ideas around essays and had in-depth knowledge about the schools I applied to, even helping me mock-interview, leading to admission to both Cornell & Georgetown. This process is long and arduous and working with Juris was one of the best decisions I made along the way!

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Sharon, accepted at Cornell Law School

Let me begin by saying that when I kicked off my JD applications journey, I was double-minded on whether I needed a consultant. I got referred to Juris through a friend and decided to work with them. Fast forward 4 months later and an acceptance letter from my top pick (Columbia Law School), I can confidently say that this would not have been possible without Juris’ help and support.

The best way to describe her style is genuine. Throughout the application process, they provided incredibly candid feedback on everything from my content to my communication style. When they say something is “not good”, it’s because they have their clients’ best interests in mind — and I truly appreciated that.

I also very much appreciated that they have always been open to getting on the phone with me if I needed further clarification on comments or wanted to brainstorm some ideas. They are super-efficient and provided quick turnarounds.

All in all, now that I am at the end of the tunnel, I can say with the benefit of hindsight that I understand the value a JD consultant can provide. That being said, I am sure that “value” will only be unlocked if you pick the right consultant, and I am very happy that I did exactly that.

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Kathleen, accepted at Columbia Law School

I​​ was a little lost (and late) starting my applications, but Juris really helped me focus my application on my strengths. Juris’ no-nonsense approach is just what I needed. They let me know exactly where I needed to improve and what steps I needed to take- including re-taking the LSAT. Juris was also incredibly helpful navigating the scholarship negotiations and knew the best way to succeed. I would not have been accepted at Stanford without their help! Highly recommend.

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Mila, Stanford Law School

Suffice to say, without Juris’ help, I never would have gotten interviewed, much less admitted, to a T10 program. Originally, I had planned to embark on the application process alone. After attending a JD fair and seeing how utterly unprepared I was, I realized I needed help. I chose to work with Juris because they seemed to genuinely care about helping the candidate.

Our first few sessions focused on meticulously exploring my stories and dredging through my background and experiences. Their holistic approach, knack for finding strengths, and skill with reframing weaknesses helped me to better understand my own profile and more clearly define my goals and aspirations. I really need to commend Juris for their patience and her ability to work with my extremely short timeline. Even though I started extremely late in the cycle they were always available to help coach me and prioritize the areas of my applications that needed the most work, and I never got the sense that they grew impatient, or had written me off as a lost cause. Their feedback was invaluable, particularly during our mock interview sessions, and their constructive criticism really helped me to trim the fat and distill my experiences down to a concentrated and digestible format. When the dust had settled and the decisions came back, their advice proved instrumental in helping me convert my waitlists into admits.

I cannot recommend Juris highly enough. Thanks to them, I was able to overcome an otherwise lackluster profile and gain admittance to my top-choice school.

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Wilson, accpeted at University of Chicago Law School

Juris helped me define my career goal and I got accepted into Yale! The team at Juris has a deep understanding of the law school application process. I knew from the very beginning that Yale was my top choice and I need a lot of help with the applications. Not a native English speaker myself, I was overwhelmed with the application essays. Instead of thinking about what the adcom wants to hear, Juris really pushed me to look into my past and think about what I want to tell. The result is amazing. I can see my personality and my past shine through the essays in my own words, which would have not been possible without the help from Juris. I would highly recommend Juris if you are looking for JD application advice.

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Joseph, accepted at Yale Law School

I had a great experience with Juris. The  law school application process can be overwhelming, but Juris was incredibly responsive and has nuanced information that made me feel on top of the process. They thoughtfully helped me tease out themes in my background to highlight and they guided me as I crafted my applications. Their resources for essay brainstorming and their coaching on how to approach recommenders were both very effective. They also helped me structure my timeline in such a way that I was constantly making progress without any fire-drills. I was admitted to Yale because of the applications that Juris helped me craft!

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Simone, accepted at Yale Law School

Juris Education was absolutely critical to my success in the application process and has been nothing short of amazing since the minute I met them. I started late in the process for 2021 applications (I hadn’t even started studying for the LSAT in July!) and only wanted to apply to a few schools. I wasn’t sure I could get into a single one, but with Juris’ help, I was accepted to Yale, UC Berkeley, and U Mich with a full scholarship to one.

Part of the reason I wasn’t confident in my chances was that I didn’t believe I had a story to tell. But one of the key differentiators with Juris’ approach was the personal story call – a session over two hours long during which my counselor listened to me talk about my life experiences and took notes. I’ve always thought that I have a very disjointed set of experiences that I couldn’t weave into a compelling story, but she found threads that I hadn’t been able to see. Her thoughtfulness, insightfulness, and background in journalism make her uniquely talented at this. Throughout the process, she challenged me to highlight different experiences and aspects of my story that not only improved my essays but also helped me really understand my own motivations for business school and my career. By the end of the application cycle, I felt like I had an impactful narrative that was authentically mine.

Juris also really personalized their approach. When I changed my first choice school to Yale, my counselor went into the Juris archives to see what previous applicants who were accepted into Yale had done with their applications so she could give me data-driven guidance on how to improve my own application. She suggested I write the Optional Essay and also suggested that I touch on a pivotal but personally traumatic experience I had described to her during our personal story call. I was reluctant to cover such a personal topic in a law school essay, but she helped me see how the story was in service of my larger narrative. She reviewed the essay as well, went back into the archives to see if other applicants had covered such personal topics and been successful, and never made me feel pressured into writing something I wasn’t comfortable sharing with an admissions committee. It turned out to be a really great essay thanks to her guidance, and on a personal level, she helped me come to terms with a story that I had never really shared before.

Besides being a rockstar admissions consultant, Juris has some of the kindest, warmest, and loveliest people I have had the pleasure of working with. I am eternally grateful for their time, attention, and help.

Andrew G
Andrew, accepted at Yale Law School

I could not have asked for a better consultant and a smoother application process, all thanks to Juris! I applied this year and got into Harvard, Cornell and Georgetown. I started working with Juris two years ago but had to defer my plans for a year due to my boyfriend’s relocation. My team at Juris was super understanding and supportive! The things I like most about Juris:

1) 100% focused on you - even before we started writing essays, me and my counselor spent hours talking to me about my background and childhood story. After these conversations, I realized there were so many things I had forgotten or thought was unimportant, which ended up being instrumental for my essays later on. I also came into the process not sure what my post-law school plans should be. My counselor went above and beyond to connect me with his previous clients in different law firms. Thanks to these conversations, I was able to talk confidently and genuinely about my post-MBA plans.

2) Expert feedback - writing personal essays has always been my weakest point, and he really worked hard to make sure that my narrative was the strongest, pushing me to think beyond my limits. We had over 5 to 10 iterations for every essay that I wrote, and the end product was so much better than I could ever come up with by myself!

3) Extremely knowledgeable about Law school programs - in the beginning, I used to feel overwhelmed with all the application info available online. With his years of experience in the field, he always cut to the chase and gave me honest feedback. This was extremely helpful when interviews rolled around since I was prepared to talk about the strengths of each school. Also, he had several mock interviews with me, some tailored to each school's style of interviewing, which helped me feel soo much more confident going into each interview!

4) Super organized and responsive - every time I sent a draft over to him, he had his feedback ready in one day or less, and it was pretty extensive feedback, too. I never doubted that I wouldn't be able to reach him in times of need, even during peak periods. Leading up to the deadline, he started having weekly 1:1 sessions with me to make sure that I was making good progress on my drafts, which really helped me not procrastinate and have the easiest and smoothest application process I could ever hope for.

Looking back on my experience with Juris, I realize that it was so much more than just a consulting service - they bring a humane side to their job that allowed me to be introspective and figure out what exactly I want to do with my life after law school. I highly recommend anyone who knows they want to do a JD in the future to reach out to Juris Education, which made it so easy for me to prep for applications on top of my full-time job.

Adam C
Adam, accepted at Harvard Law School

Coming from a non-traditional background, applying for a law school was a daunting experience and I was looking for a very personalized law school counselor who would really support me through the process. Juris over delivered on my expectation. Over the last year, my counselor has been a huge support and I’m not sure if I would have managed without her guidance. I was lucky to get accepted into a top 3 law program. My counselor was really personal, taking on her applicants as personal projects. She was never too busy for me, and always gave guidance especially when I was wavering on whether to even do a law school! I could email her evenings and weekends and she always responded. She gave me strong prep before my interviews, worked thoroughly on my resume with me, and helped me shape my personal story so that I would be a strong candidate for my schools. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly qualified or supportive than Alice to get you through your JD process. You will not be disappointed if you chose Juris Education to guide you through the application journey.

Ashley H
Ashley, accepted at Columbia Law School

Juris was instrumental in my successfully receiving an offer to my first-choice top JD program, and they exceeded my expectations in every sense of the word. My JD application process was longer than expected, taking place over several months due to a diagnosis of bipolar, which caused me to postpone applications until I received treatment and felt ready to apply. The Juris team was very supportive and understanding about the unexpected pause in the process, and helped me complete very thorough applications to top schools.

They went above and beyond every step of the way, making sure I had strong career goals and well-written essays and was very prompt with his feedback; after submitting an essay draft in the evening, I would wake up the next morning to find feedback already in my inbox! I felt very prepared for my interviews based on his input and feedback. I would highly recommend the Menlo Juris to anyone looking for the best in the business.

Dan R
Dan, accepted at NYU School of Law

I began working with Juris Education during my senior year of college after I completed the LSAT twice. As a senior in college, I was applying for JD programs. My counselor was extremely focused on my application and prompt with his feedback, and was very kind even when the stresses of the application process and school got the best of me during some meetings. I had assistance with every step of the process, overseen by him but also assisted by various others who were experts at different parts of the application such as long essays, group interviews, scenario-based interviews, etc. I applied to 10 schools through Juris, receiving niche feedback for each school. I was offered interviews for 6 schools, and was accepted into U Chicago along with others, obviously in thanks to Juris!

Mellisa D
Mellisa, accepted at University of Chicago Law School

I am really pleased that I got to know of Juris through a friend and I decided to engage Juris for my JD applications.

I was quite impressed with Juris from the get-go. First of all, they are the top-rated law school consultants in the country. In addition to that, the note I received from them when I reached out to her was extremely personal and warm. It showed their genuine interest in helping candidates, even prospective clients who had not signed up with her yet.

The candidacy evaluation call was quite different. She provided a candid evaluation of my chances at different schools, she had done her homework on analyzing my resume and coming up with a plan of action to address weaknesses in my candidacy. She also provided an honest opinion on why different people choose to pursue law school and whether it made sense for me to do the same. Juris is quite selective in choosing their clients and they enjoy a bit of a challenge, which my application definitely provided.

Working with Juris Education was a pleasure and a true partnership. Here are a few things about them that I would like to share in my review:

1. They make you work and are on your toes to make sure you make progress - helps you not lose sight in the bustle of work and personal priorities
2. They have the experience and understanding of what the admissions committee value in a prospective student - which helps you clear the clutter and focus on the important parts of your story
3. They start early - extremely important to get ahead of the curve; also helps you plan out school visits and other things that can bolster your application
4. They are very methodical and structured - their succinct tutorials, reference materials, and project management tool help you keep on track
5. They are super accessible and extremely prompt in feedback - it feels truly collaborative and personal; I have been on one-on-one calls with Alice and Leslie for many hours to talk about my personal stories, education, work, and goals
6. They help you think about your own story without spoon-feeding templates - help you come out as a true one of a kind candidate
7. They are perfectionists - I have had at least 20 reviews of my resume and more than 6 to 7 edits on each of my essays for all of my 8 school applications
8. They help you get into the networking mindset while you are applying - through their former clients, existing clients, and affiliates (peer reviews, reports on on-campus visits, interview notes, etc.)
9. They go out of their way in many ways like helping candidates with their LSAT prep by providing the right resources
10. They are not machines, they care about their clients and do everything to accommodate their client’s requests - I had a pre-commitment after application deadlines which meant I needed to finish all my interviews in a very short window of time, and Alice helped me expedite the interview preparation in a way that worked best for me
11. They are excellent at helping candidates prepare for interviews - professional help with speech delivery, interview presence, and interview preparation through multiple mock interviews and feedback sessions
12. They do not stop at resumes, essays, video essays, or interviews, they help you through all that follows as well - scholarship negotiation, waitlist updates and even pre-JD preparation

As for my results, I got interview calls from all the schools I applied to, got accepted at 2 top-10 schools with scholarships, and was waitlisted at 2 other top-5 schools. It was a total shocker for me to have turned around my profile into a compelling application and been accepted at the schools of my dream.

I cannot stress enough how happy I am with Juris. They are true professionals but at the same time equally personal in their approach. Alice is a pleasure to work with and someone who I would love to be in touch with going forward.

Stacy B
Stacy, accpeted at University of Michigan Law School

I could not have gotten through the law school admissions process without Juris! I used their services for applying to 15 schools and LSAT tutoring. I got into my top choice program at Duke and couldn’t be happier!

I started the JD application process pretty late (treated it like a sprint, not a marathon). I started working through applications and the LSAT together closer to the deadline. I reached out to the team at Juris because I knew I was going to be overwhelmed. I was looking for somebody who’d keep me honest, was organized, pragmatic, easily approachable, and knew his stuff. My team 100% met this.

Throughout the process, my counselor was a voice of reason. He was great at listening to me and explaining the nuances of the application process. When I was considering pushing some of my applications he helped me strategize so that I maximized my chances across timelines. The turnaround on essay reviews was very quick, the feedback was always targeted and actionable. Whenever I started falling behind on timelines (which was often!), I got a gentle reminder to help keep me on track.

The interview prep also really helped. The feedback is provided real time and takes into consideration the school you’re prepping for and what is important for that school.

Great experience overall!

Amanda M
Amanda, accepted at Duke University School of Law

Words cannot express how happy I am that I chose Juris to be my JD consultant. They treat you like a partner during the whole process. My counselor was beyond patient, beyond nice and the best investment I have ever made. She was so easy to contact and is always there to give support during the stressful process of JD applications. I will be attending Georgetown thanks to all of her wonderful guidance. If you need a law school consultant and you want someone who truly cares and is knowledgeable, then go with Juris!!!!!

Jennifer T
Jennifer, accepted at Northwestern Law

Juris was recommended to me by several friends so I decided to work with them. My LSAT was low so it made a lot of sense to choose a good application consultant. Juris for sure did not disappoint! They managed to understand the applicant’s profile, their strengths, and their match with the different schools. After obtaining their view, they advised on which law schools I could have fit in and most importantly, those that are not worth even trying. They are very transparent and direct, but also a very close person who care for their clients also on a more personal level. I can totally recommend working with Juris. For me, it was definitely a game-changer!

Joli D
Joli, accepted at Stanford Law School

I highly recommend working with Juris! They are absolutely incredible and made the biggest difference in my application journey. I was terrified of this process and felt that I had a lot working against me as I considered law school, with an undergraduate GPA much lower than the average at my top choice programs.

My counselor helped me explain the challenges I faced during my undergraduate years and provided constructive feedback every step of the way. She also helped me stick to my timeline and followed up with me when I was working long hours and needed additional reminders to stay on track with my applications. Her guidance helped me take my confusing career goals and articulate them in a simple way that tied in with my professional background and personal experiences.

When I started receiving invitations to interview, she set aside time to complete a mock interview for every school. I felt fully prepared for each one, to the point that I wasn’t even nervous for the actual interview! I felt more confident in myself and my candidacy by working with her.

She went above and beyond the entire time I worked with her, and I could tell she was just as invested in my JD journey as I was. In the end, I received multiple acceptances with scholarships at many schools, and she helped me navigate negotiating financial aid. I will be attending my top choice, Columbia Law, this fall, and I wouldn’t be here without Juris. Beyond my applications, her guidance has helped me refine my career goals and identify what I really want to accomplish during my JD program. I can’t thank her enough and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!

Samuel L
Samuel, accepted at Columbia Law School

Juris was an incredible resource - both professionally and personally. Their insight into what top law schools are looking for and helping to shape my narrative made a world of difference for my application. Outside of the actual application, they kept me upbeat and positive despite a very tough application cycle - ultimately ending in success thanks to them! I would absolutely recommend Juris Education to anyone who is applying to any JD program.

Matt H
Matt, accepted at U Penn Carey Law School

I had a fantastic experience working with Drake, I highly recommend working with him enough if you're looking for someone who will strengthen your essays and your overall application approach. Drake is a fantastic editor and all my essays were clearer and stronger with her review, but most importantly for me, he guided me through the process and my confidence in the applications grew over time. As someone new to this process, he helped me so much as a sounding board who believed in me getting through the process.

Jessica L
Jessica L, accepted at University of Virginia School of Law

I first met with the Juris team at a prospective JD students conference in Washington DC about 6 weeks out from my first application deadline, and I’m so glad that I did. I stopped by and told them about my specific questions/concerns (particularly about being a non-traditional applicant and working for a small/lesser-known law firm), and they answered my questions specifically and tactically in a way that instilled confidence in a potential professional relationship between us. Over the next several months, we worked together, which worked out phenomenally well because the two of us had identified specific areas so that I could use my time wisely. I could go on about how helpful my counselor was, but I think the most helpful areas/exercises related to crafting my story for business school in a compelling and succinct way. I had about a million ideas of how I could speak to my interests and experience, and she provided honest, constructive, digestible, and actionable feedback about which ideas were strong, and which I should cast aside. That front-end diligence helped me to build a strong foundation from which the rest of my application materials launched, and I ended up getting into 4 of the 5 schools I applied to (all but Harvard, which was a longshot from the get-go. If you’re dead set on law school and telling your story is one of your biggest concerns, I would definitely recommend calling up the Juris team. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Andrew O
Andrew, accepted at University of Michigan Law School

I began working with Juris in July 2020. At the time (similar to many prospective applicants!), I was juggling full-time employment and LSAT studying. Facing the applications themselves seemed daunting. Working through Juris’ introspection activities with my counselor gave me a starting point and was an incredibly helpful way to frame my ‘story’ and clarify my JD and post-JD aspirations.

She worked with me to set a realistic timeline given the large number of schools I was planning to apply to and, while she was always flexible when work or life got in the way, was great about keeping me on track throughout the process. She was extremely responsive and knowledgeable about the programs I was applying to – if I ever had a question about a program that she couldn’t answer, she would reach out to her peers at Juris to help me get the needed information. Having the opportunity to receive structured feedback from multiple sources at Juris.

Thanks to the help of the Juris team, I was ultimately accepted to three top-10 programs and will be headed to Harvard this fall!

Rohan L
Rohan, accepted at Harvard Law School

I had a challenging story to communicate (white male, non-white shoe law firm background, weak LSAT, career pivot, location pivot, etc.) but Julie did an amazing job of working with me to craft a compelling and unique story for each JD program that I considered. In addition, I was an extremely demanding client (applied to 15 JD programs) yet Julie always rose to the occasion when deadlines arrived. She went above and beyond for me several times throughout the application process and I am very thankful that I selected her as my consultant. Highly recommend it to any JD candidates looking at hiring a consultant!

Daniel G
Daniel, accepted at U Penn Carey Law School

Julie is simply incredible. She was an invaluable resource throughout the entire process. I was accepted to my target law school, which was quite a stretch given my unique background. It would not have been possible without Julie's sage advice and assistance. She is truly extraordinary!

Marissa D
Marissa, accepted at University of Chicago Law School

Mary is an exceptionally competent law school advisor. At the end of the day, she knows what she is doing, and trusting her gained me admittance to my first choice school, Georgetown. She is reasonable and responsive. When we disagreed on a certain point she was always respectful and truly wanted to understand where I was coming from. I am from a non-traditional background and she was extremely encouraging and embraced my uniqueness. This was a stark contrast to some of the other consultants I interviewed. Juris is the perfect combination of pragmatic and encouraging and I couldn't recommend her more!

Britney K
Britney, Georgetown Law School

When I started working with Juris, I had no idea what I wanted to do with a JD and they were instrumental in getting me focused on specific target areas that made sense for me. I got into my top choice - NYU - and I would not have been able to do that without their expertise and extreme attention to detail.

Jordan H
Jordan, NYU Law School

Juris was an invaluable resource during my application process. Their honest feedback and assessment of my essays and applications undoubtedly enabled me to put my best foot forward. Thanks to Juris’ help and review I was able to get into my top school! I am extremely glad I decided to work with them, and would absolutely recommend Juris to anyone looking to apply to a graduate legal degree program.

Josh E
Josh, accepted at Vanderbilt Law School