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Which Law Schools Interview Applicants? Your Guide

January 3, 2024
8 min read


Reviewed by:

David Merson

Former Head of Pre-Law Office, Northeastern University, & Admissions Officer, Brown University

Reviewed: 1/3/24

Understanding which law schools interview applicants can be a game-changer. It helps you know what to expect and maximize your application.

Starting your journey toward law school can be both exciting and challenging. Alongside writing essays and filling out applications, you might encounter interviews as part of the admission process. Although not all law schools require interviews, they can play a crucial role in your acceptance. 

In this blog, we'll explore the world of law school interviews, why they matter, which schools use them, and why it's essential information for prospective law students. By understanding the role of interviews, you can navigate the admissions process with confidence and boost your chances of securing a spot at the law school of your dreams. 

So, let's simplify the topic of law school interviews to help you on your path to success.

List of 32 Law Schools in the U.S. That Interview Applicants

Here is a list of 32 law schools in the United States that interview applicants during their admissions process.

Yale Law Interview Guidelines

Yale Law School is keeping its interview program going, which they started back in the 2022-2023 application cycle. They'll pick a few applicants for interviews as part of their evaluation process. 

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, the admissions office will get in touch with you to give you all the details. But don't worry; if you don't get selected for an interview, it won't hurt your application in any way.

Harvard Law Interview Guidelines

During the Harvard Law application process, some applicants may be chosen for interviews. These interviews are conducted for regular J.D. applicants and occur throughout the admissions cycle, starting in November. If you are selected, the J.D. admissions office will reach out to schedule the interview. 

It's crucial to know that an interview with the J.D. admissions office is a mandatory step in the admission process at Harvard Law School. However, not all applicants will receive interview invitations initially. Regardless, all admitted candidates will eventually need to complete this interview as part of their admission procedure.

University of Chicago Law Interview Guidelines

The University of Chicago Law School has an exclusive interview program as part of its application process. These interviews allow the Admissions Committee to learn more about your background, personal story, and potential contributions to the school community. Invitations for interviews are selective, and they are conducted via Zoom, usually lasting around 20 minutes. 

Columbia Law Interview Guidelines

At Columbia Law School, interviews can be part of the admissions process, and they typically happen through video conferences. These interviews serve a dual purpose. They give you a chance to get to know the school better, and they help the Admissions Committee understand your interests and what motivates you.

It's important to keep in mind that you can't request an interview; it's something the school initiates if they want to learn more about you. So, if you get that interview call, make the most of the opportunity to showcase your enthusiasm and why you'd be a great fit for Columbia Law!

NYU Law Interview Guidelines

Interviews with the Committee on Admissions at NYU Law are not part of the regular application process. So, you won't be getting an interview invitation during that phase.

Instead, NYU Law encourages applicants to turn to their published and online informational resources for answers to any questions they might have. It's all about making sure you have access to the information you need to put together a strong application. If you've got questions, their resources are your go-to!

UPenn Law Interview Guidelines

UPenn Law doesn't conduct evaluative interviews as part of its admissions process, so interviews won't directly impact your application. However, they encourage applicants to familiarize themselves with the school, campus, and Philadelphia by attending Information Sessions offered at various times during the year. 

While these sessions won't influence your application, they provide valuable insights into UPenn Law and its environment. So, if you're interested in the school, attending an Information Session is a worthwhile opportunity.

Female student being interviewed

University of Michigan Law Interview Guidelines

The University of Michigan Law School takes a unique approach to interviews. They don't conduct evaluative interviews as part of their admissions process. Instead, they have admissions counselors available to chat with applicants and answer questions. 

This decision is based on research indicating that interviews may not offer significant additional insights for their decision-making. They also want to avoid potential biases and interview-related stress. Dean Zearfoss prefers this approach, and unlike some schools that use interviews to gauge applicant interest, Michigan Law doesn't follow that trend.

UC Berkeley Law Interview Guidelines

UC Berkeley Law has a high volume of applicants every year, which unfortunately means they aren't able to conduct individual interviews.

UVA Law Interview Guidelines

At UVA Law, they take a proactive approach to interviews. They'll reach out to select applicants and invite them for an interview with one of their admissions committee members. 

It's essential to note that these interviews are by invitation only, so applicants can't request them. If you're one of the lucky ones to get an invite, they'll let you know their decision soon after the interview.

Duke Law Interview Guidelines

Duke Law offers scholarship applicants the opportunity to participate in online video interviews, providing flexibility in scheduling and time zone adjustments. A confirmation email with a Zoom link is sent after scheduling, and the 20-minute interview covers your experiences and scholarship details and allows for questions. 

To ensure ample preparation, it's advisable to schedule at least one day in advance. These interviews are for admitted scholarship applicants.

Northwestern Law Interview Guidelines

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law offers optional admissions interviews, and they take pride in having one of the country's longest-standing interview programs. 

You can choose to participate in the interview process as part of your application. If you opt-in, you'll receive instructions for an online video interview, which will be considered alongside your application by the Admissions Committee. It's a chance to enhance your candidacy.

Cornell Law Interview Guidelines

At Cornell Law School, interviews are a bit different. They only happen when the Admissions Committee specifically requests one. In other words, it's not something you can initiate yourself. If they do ask for an interview, they'll reach out to you directly. So, if you find yourself in that fortunate position, be sure to prepare well and make the most of the opportunity!

Georgetown Law Interview Guidelines

Georgetown Law offers a couple of interview options to help the Admissions Committee learn more about applicants. These interviews are by invitation only, and they have two programs to choose from: Alumni Interviews and Group Interviews. 

If you receive an invitation, it's a great chance to showcase yourself and connect with the committee. Keep an eye on your inbox for that special invite!

UT Austin Law Interview Guidelines

In the UT Austin Law application process, the Admissions Committee might extend an invitation for an online interview as part of their evaluation. These interviews are by invitation only, so don't worry about scheduling one on your own. If you're selected, they'll reach out to you with all the details on how to complete the interview. Keep an eye on your inbox for that special invite!

Female student interviewing virtually

UCLA Law Interview Guidelines

UCLA Law keeps things straightforward when it comes to interviews. Typically, they don't include interviews as a standard part of their admissions process. However, in some cases, the Law School Admissions Committee may reach out for an interview if they feel it's necessary.

So, while interviews aren't the norm, don't be surprised if they want to chat with you to learn more about your application.

Vanderbilt Law Interview Guidelines

Vanderbilt Law encourages applicants to have an admission interview with one of their alumni. 

Sending your resume to the interviewer beforehand can help guide the conversation. It's worth noting that interviews won't delay your admissions decision. 

WUSTL Law Interview Guidelines

At WUSTL Law, interviews are a crucial part of the admission process, and they're arranged by your Admissions Counselor. These interviews are conducted through video conferences, so you'll need a basic webcam to participate. 

USC Law Interview Guidelines

When it comes to USC Law's admissions process, interviews aren't required. The Admissions Committee doesn't conduct interviews as a standard part of their evaluation. So, while your application speaks volumes, you won't have to worry about interview preparations in this case.

University of Minnesota Law Interview Guidelines

Interviews aren't mandatory at The University of Minnesota Law. However, they strongly encourage applicants to take part in their pre-recorded interview process. It's a chance for you to make a lasting impression on the committee.

If you decide to go for it, keep an eye on your email about a week after submitting your application. They'll send you all the details you need to know. So, consider this as your opportunity to shine and introduce yourself to the folks making the decisions.

Notre Dame Law Interview Guidelines

Notre Dame Law School interviews candidates, but it's not something you can request. The Admissions Committee decides if and when interviews happen. They might reach out to you before or after you apply, and the interviews can be done on the phone or through Zoom. 

So, if they want to chat, they'll be in touch with all the details. Just remember, they can't accommodate interview requests from applicants because they have a lot to handle.

UC Law San Francisco Interview Guidelines

UC Law San Francisco doesn't do those typical formal interviews, but they're open to you chatting with someone from their Admissions team. It's a great way to get to know the school better, and you can set up a meeting in advance if you want, but it's not a must-do. 

George Mason Law Interview Guidelines

At George Mason University, all applicants must have an informal interview. You can choose to do this in person at the Arlington campus or remotely via Skype. These interviews are informational and typically last 15-30 minutes.

Wake Forest Law Interview Guidelines

Optional interviews are available for Wake Forest Law School applicants. Although not obligatory, they offer a chance for applicants to express their interest in the school and provide more information about themselves. These interviews, typically conducted by admissions staff, can help applicants stand out and demonstrate their fit for the Wake Forest community.

University of Wisconsin Law Interview Guidelines

The University of Wisconsin Law School conducts interviews for applicants, where all candidates are asked the same set of questions. This standardized approach ensures fairness and consistency in the evaluation process.

Male student being interviewed virtually

University of Colorado Law Interview Guidelines

At the University of Colorado Law School, the Admissions Committee occasionally chooses to interview a select group of applicants as part of their evaluation process. This is an internal procedure, and if you are among the chosen applicants, you will receive direct communication from the committee regarding the interview. 

Washington and Lee Law Interview Guidelines

Washington and Lee Law School recommends interviews but doesn't make them mandatory. These interviews are informal conversations where applicants can talk about their achievements, thoughts on the college application process, and interest in W&L. It's also a chance to ask questions and get insights into W&L and the admissions process.

Baylor Law Interview Guidelines

Baylor Law offers optional interviews for applicants. These interviews, conducted by admissions office leaders, last around 20 minutes. They provide an opportunity for Baylor Law to get to know you better and for you to ask questions about admissions or the school. 

After the interview, a report is added to your admissions file for the committee's consideration. Remember, choosing not to interview won't penalize your application.

University of Maryland Law Interview Guidelines

After submitting your application to Maryland Carey Law, you might get an invitation for an interview with an admissions counselor, faculty member, or alum. The goal is to get to know you better and see if we're a good match. Interviews can be as short as 20 minutes, so here are some tips to make the most of that time:

University of Utah Law Interview Guidelines

Interviews are not mandatory for admission to the University of Utah Law School, but they are recommended.

Villanova Law Interview Guidelines

Villanova Law has added interviews to its application process. They want to know more about applicants and how they can contribute to the school. Interviews are by invitation only, but not being invited won't hurt your chances. All applications are reviewed equally.

St. John’s University Law Interview Guidelines

St. John's University Law School offers an optional video interview as a chance for applicants to share more about themselves. It consists of responses to three questions that allow you to highlight personal attributes not covered in your main application. After you submit your main application, you'll receive details about this optional interview.

Lewis & Clark Law Interview Guidelines

At Lewis & Clark Law School, interviews are strongly encouraged but not mandatory. These interviews offer applicants a chance to establish a personal connection in their application journey. 

They also help the admissions committee evaluate communication skills, maturity, preparedness for law school, and how well an applicant fits within the Lewis & Clark Law School community.

Two female professionals talking in boardroom

FAQ: Which Law Schools Interview Applicants

Keep reading to learn which law schools interview candidates to get a better understanding of their applicants and make more informed admission decisions.

1. Which Top Law Schools Have Interviews?

Many top law schools, including Yale, Harvard, and Columbia, conduct interviews as part of their admissions process. However, not all applicants will be invited.

2. Does Harvard Law School Interview All Applicants?

Harvard Law School doesn't interview all applicants. Interviews are conducted for regular J.D. applicants, but not everyone receives an invitation initially. All admitted candidates eventually need to complete an interview.

3. Does Columbia Law School Do Interviews?

Columbia Law conducts interviews through video conferences as part of the admissions process. Applicants can't request interviews; they are initiated by the school.

4. Does Cornell Law Interview All Applicants?

Cornell Law School only interviews applicants when specifically requested by the Admissions Committee. Applicants can't initiate interviews themselves.


To wrap it up, quite a few prestigious universities incorporate interviews into their admissions procedures. But here's the key takeaway: interviews aren't a universal requirement. They might be for certain applicant groups or initiated by the schools themselves. 

So, as you navigate the application process, it's wise to check each school's interview policies to see if interviews are part of the deal.

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