Passing UBE Scores By State

The results for the UBE are here! While most bar exam scores are released one to three months after the exam date, the passing scores for the UBE vary by state and can come out at different times. Knowing the passing scores for each state is crucial for your bar exam preparation. It can help you understand the score you need to achieve and plan your study time accordingly.

Passing UBE Scores By State (2024)

To make your bar exam preparation easier, we've put together a detailed list of UBE passing scores by state for 2024. This list is updated frequently, so the scores may change as new information becomes available. 

Here are the 2024 UBE passing scores by state!

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When Do UBE Scores Come Out?

The date UBE scores come out depends on the size of the jurisdiction. The bigger the jurisdiction, the longer you will wait for the release of scores. Test-takers will, on average, receive their UBE scores within one to three months. 

UBE Score Trends

North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington temporarily lowered their minimum passing scores for the July 2020 exam due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new scores were 268 for North Carolina and 266 for Oregon and Washington.

What Happens Next?

After you take the UBE, you will receive your score and know whether you've passed or failed the exam. Here are some steps you can take based on your results:

  • If you pass: Congratulations! You can now proceed with the next steps to get licensed in your state. Be sure to submit all required documents and fees to the state bar.
  • If you fail: Receiving a failing result can be disappointing, but don't give up. Review your score report to understand where you need improvement, and start preparing for the next exam date.

Remember, persistence and preparation are key to passing the UBE. Good luck!


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

1. What Score Do You Need to Pass the UBE?

Depending on the state you plan on taking the UBE in, a passing score can range from 260-270 out of 400.

2. What State Has the Highest UBE Passing Score?

The states with the highest UBE passing score of 270 are:

3. What Is the Easiest State to Pass the UBE?

Utah is the easiest state to pass the UBE exam. Last year, Utah had a 94% pass rate for first-time test-takers and a 73% pass for repeat takers. Utah also has the lowest UBE pass score of 260.

4. What Is a Good UBE Score?

A good UBE score is the passing score for the state you're testing in. For instance, states like Alabama, Minnesota, and Missouri have a minimum passing score of 260. So, anything above that score will suffice for those states.