Law School CAS GPA Calculator 

Discover Your Law School GPA With Our CAS GPA Calculator!

Think you know your GPA? Think again! 

If you’re applying to law school, you’ll receive an entirely new GPA: your LSAC CAS GPA. 

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) calculates this GPA per the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) to provide a baseline GPA scale for law school admission purposes. 

Confusing, right? Don’t worry; we’ve made it simple. Our GPA calculator takes the grades you’ve earned in undergrad and converts them into an estimated LSAC GPA score. Learn all about how your grades are calculated with our calculator tool!  

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How to Use the LSAC CAS GPA Calculator

Using our law school GPA calculator is easy! Simply enter the number of credit hours you completed according to your grades, and our algorithm will do the rest.

There are three simple steps to this process: 

  1. Determine the grade you received in each class
  2. Determine the number of credits each class was worth 
  3. Enter the number of credits in the corresponding grade box

For example, let’s say you’ve taken five classes, each worth three credits, and earned an A- in all of them. You would enter 15 credits in the “A-” box. 

Or, if you received a final grade of 88% for three classes worth four credits each, you would enter 12 credits in the 87-89% box. 

Note that most law schools require a minimum of 90 credit hours to apply, and you must include grades from all undergraduate institutions you’ve attended.

Our calculator also accounts for different grading systems in the case of students who have attended several institutions. Different grading systems might apply if you’ve studied abroad, transferred schools, or taken summer courses.  

If this is the case, you can enter credits in columns based on letter grading systems, percentage-based systems, or five-point systems.

Important Notes to Consider

You should be aware of several important factors in the GPA conversion process, including grades that are excluded from the conversion and certain other guidelines. 

Here’s what you should take note of:

You can find the full guidelines on the LSAC’s transcript summarization page.

How Does CAS Calculate My Law School GPA?

CAS essentially converts your grades to a standard 4.0 grading system. This is to provide law schools with a standard basis for evaluation among all applicants. 

The actual calculation process is similar to how your undergraduate institution calculates your GPA. CAS multiplies your grades by the number of credits for each class and then adds up the results. The final step is to divide the sum by the total number of credits, which produces your overall GPA score. 

Once you know your LSAC GPA, you’ll have a good idea of your law school admissions chances. Your GPA can significantly affect the quality of your application. Bear in mind that most top-ranking law schools have an average incoming GPA of 3.8 or higher. 

You’ll need top grades to be a competitive applicant at T14 schools. While it isn’t impossible to get into law school with a 3.0 or lower GPA, you should always aim for the highest possible score. 

Calculate Your LSAC GPA With Our Tool

Your GPA is an important part of your law school application. To create the best application possible, you should know what your CAS GPA might be. But don’t worry--our calculator tool can help you discover your LSAC GPA with ease.


1. How Does the LSAC GPA Calculator Work? 

Our law school GPA calculator determines your LSAC GPA from your undergraduate GPA information. The user enters the number of credit hours in which they received a given grade, and our calculator uses an algorithm to convert college grades to the equivalent LSAC GPA score. 

2. Do Law Schools Look at LSAC GPA or Undergrad GPA? 

Law schools will only look at the LSAC GPA when evaluating applications. All undergraduate credits will count toward your LSAC CAS GPA. 

3. How Can the LSAC GPA Calculator Help Me Prepare For Law School? 

Calculating your LSAC GPA can help you create a standout law school application. If you know what your LSAC GPA will be, you can prepare your other application materials accordingly. 

For instance, if your GPA is lower than anticipated, then you can supplement it by spending lots of time creating a well-written personal statement or studying hard to get a top LSAT score. 

4. What is a Good GPA For Law School?  

Recent data shows that the average median GPA among the 191 ranked law schools is 3.55. However, if you’re aiming for a top school, like a T14 law school, a good law school GPA would be closer to 3.8 or 3.9.