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Law Schools With Full-Ride Scholarships: List + How to Get It

August 25, 2023


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Reviewed: 03/20/23

Did you know that it’s possible to gain a full-ride law school scholarship? Keep reading to learn about some great law schools with full-ride scholarships.

Law school can be costly. Fortunately, a variety of law schools offer scholarships that cover all expenses to eligible candidates. With awards, students can focus on making the most of law school without the stress of paying tuition

Full-ride scholarships help make law school more accessible to a wider pool of applicants. Individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford law school are given the opportunity. 

With financial support, students don’t have to worry about potentially going into six-figure debt, and working long hours alongside their studies. 

These scholarships also reward students who have worked hard. Whether that's through stellar grades, high LSAT scores, or solid volunteer and professional experience—many law schools are keen to validate students based on the value they bring. 

Read on to learn about some top-rate law schools that offer full-ride scholarships, and some tried-and-true advice on how to score one.

Top 10 Law Schools With Full-Ride Scholarships

If you’re interested in receiving a full-ride scholarship, it’s important to confirm if the schools you apply to offer them. Many law schools only offer smaller merit-based scholarships, which cover a portion of tuition. Check out the following schools if you’re interested in securing a full-ride law school scholarship.

UCLA School of Law

If you’re prepared to apply to law school early, UCLA School of Law offers the UCLA Law Distinguished Scholars Program. Qualified students can choose between three scholarships which are geared towards different backgrounds and achievements. 

Duke Law School

Every applicant to Duke Law School is considered for the prestigious Mordecai Scholars program, which seeks out students with exceptional academic and personal achievements. Only four to eight students are named Mordecai Scholars every year, making it highly competitive and sought after. 

New York University Law School

Applicants can choose between a variety of scholarships and scholar programs offered by New York University Law School, such as the Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholarships which lends support to aspiring public service attorneys. 

The University of Pennsylvania Law School

Students in need of financial assistance can apply to the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s The Robert and Jane Toll Public Interest Scholars Program, which provides need-based funding to students pursuing a career in public interest. 

Boston University Law School

Students can find a wide selection of full-ride scholarship opportunities at Boston University Law School, that are both merit and need-based. The Dean's Scholar Program, for example, awards a small group of students for their exceptional academic achievements. 

The University of Virginia Law School

There’s no need to apply to the University of Virginia Law School’s merit-based scholarships, such as the Karsh-Dillard Scholarship, as every applicant is considered. Qualified scholars receive one-on-one mentorship along with a full-ride scholarship. 

Arizona State University Law School

The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University offers various merit-based full-ride scholarships. It’s important to note that students must maintain exemplary grades in order to continue studying under the scholarship. 

The University of Texas Law School

Students can qualify for both merit and need-based full-ride scholarships at the University of Texas Law School. Every applicant is eligible, and there’s a good chance of landing one. 

Over 92% of students have been granted a scholarship in the last three years. 

Washington University Law

Washington University Law has a progressive approach to need-based scholarships. WashULaw recently announced plans to make law school free for all low-income applicants. The university also offers a range of merit-based, full-ride scholarships to qualified students. 

University of Chicago Law School

Eligible students can qualify for a variety of merit and needs-based scholarships at the University of Chicago Law School, such as the David M. Rubenstein Scholars Program, which offers remarkable students the chance to study law without the financial burden.

How to Secure a Full-Ride Law School Scholarship

You never know—acquiring a full-ride scholarship may be within reach. With so many law schools providing students with a financial head start, it’s wise to try your best to secure one. Read on to learn how you can stand out when applying to law schools with full ride scholarships.

Ace the LSAT

To earn a merit-based scholarship, it’s helpful to have a sky-high LSAT score. Law schools will quickly recognize the value you bring when you apply with a stellar score. So, study hard and take the LSAT seriously. It can certainly pay off! 

Strengthen Your Resume

Law schools aren’t merely looking for high scores and an outstanding academic record. They’re also on the hunt for candidates with meaningful professional experience. Take the time you need to elevate your resume with diverse, relevant experience that demonstrates your character. 

Submit a Solid Application

Along with a strong resume, it’s important to ensure that the rest of your application is top-tier. The goal is to stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression. Write essays and personal statements that tell your unique story in an impactful way. Make sure that you submit an application that’s error-free and carefully constructed. 

Try Your Hand at Negotiation

Many law schools are open to negotiating. If you initially get denied a scholarship from your law school of choice, don’t dismay. There’s a chance to change their minds. Craft a compelling letter that convinces the admissions committee of your merit and discloses other full-ride scholarships you’ve been granted. 

Consider Your Options 

If you’re serious about landing a full-ride scholarship, it’s important to keep an open mind. Think about whether a tuition-free experience matters more to you than attending your law school of choice. Are you willing to accept an offer at a low-ranking school that offers a full-ride, in comparison to a prestigious law school with a hefty tuition?

FAQs: Law Schools With Full-Ride Scholarships

If you have more questions about securing a full-ride scholarship, keep reading to learn more. 

1. What LSAT Score Do I Need for a Full Scholarship?

It depends on what type of scholarship you’re hoping to be granted. Needs-based scholarships don’t require a high LSAT score. However, to be considered for a merit-based scholarship, it’s wise to have a score close to 170. 

2. How Hard Is It to Get a Full-Ride Scholarship to Law School?

It’s certainly achievable! If you set your mind to it and apply to law schools with full-ride scholarships that make sense for you, it’s entirely possible to secure one. Keep in mind that some are more competitive than others and harder as a result to obtain. The level of difficulty depends on the type of scholarship you’re hoping to qualify for.

3. Which Law Schools Give the Most Merit Scholarships?

Arizona State University Law School, Boston University Law School and the University of Virginia Law School are known to offer a wide selection of merit-based scholarships. They’re each committed to rewarding exceptional students with financial support.

4. Does UCLA Law Give Full Rides?

UCLA Law offers three full-ride scholarships: the UCLA Law Achievement Fellowship, the Graton Scholarship, and the Emmett Family Environmental Law Scholarship. They’re based on finding applicants with merit, the ability to overcome obstacles, and a need for financial aid.

Final Thoughts

With so many law schools generously offering full-ride scholarships, there are a wealth of opportunities out there. Your hard work, initiative, and background may pay off. So, don't be discouraged. Try your best to secure a full-ride scholarship and you may surprise yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career as a lawyer, debt-free. 

Good luck!

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