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How To Go To Law School For Free

April 25, 2024
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David Merson

Former Head of Pre-Law Office, Northeastern University, & Admissions Officer, Brown University

Reviewed: 04/25/24

Law school graduates are known to leave school with more than just their degree – copious amounts of debt. If you’d like to become a lawyer without the financial burden, read on to learn how to go to law school for free!

With the national average cost of law tuition for private universities being $53,034 a year, deciding to attend law school requires more than just mental preparation. It also requires financial preparation! 

In most instances, students either dip into their savings or take out student loans with extremely high-interest rates to pay for law school. 

But a third option that eliminates the need to break the bank! There are several ways to attend law school at no cost, which is what this guide will go over!

Tips To Go To Law School For Free

Tips to go to law school

Here are some top tips that can help you obtain a law degree with zero student debt:

1. Perfect Your LSAT Prep

Many schools give full-ride law school scholarships to students with high LSAT scores. To make yourself a more appealing candidate for these scholarships, you’ll want to ensure you spend enough time, effort, and energy on your LSAT test prep.

Luckily, Juris has 99th percentile LSAT tutors who can help you get the scores you need to go to law school for free!

2. Perfect Every Part Of Your Application

You can increase your chances of receiving a full scholarship from your university by wowing the admissions committee with your application. Even if you don’t have the best LSAT score or GPA, having a stellar personal statement, secondary application, and resume can still land you a full-time scholarship!

3. Consider Applying Early

Since early law school applications are binding, universities like to sweeten the pot by offering full-ride scholarships exclusively to early applicants. So, do your research and see which schools offer this type of scholarship. Boston University is one of many law schools that has an early decision, full-ride scholarship.

Ensure you only pursue this option if you’re sure you’ve chosen the right law school for your needs and interests! You won’t be able to accept any other offers if you receive an early acceptance at any of these schools.

4. Consider A Change in Priority

Of course, every aspiring law student dream of getting into a top-10 law school, graduating at the top of their class and landing a six-figure job straight out of law school. However, top-ranking law schools are the most expensive schools to attend, and most law careers don’t live up to their luxurious portrayal in the media!

It’s important to also factor in other expenses that law students pay, such as living and boarding expenses, personal expenses, student fees, and textbook fees. Considering these costs, a top-ranking law school is more likely to guarantee a six-figure debt load than a six-figure salary post-graduation!

Rather than choosing a top-ranking law school, consider attending one that is lower-ranking and cheaper! If you have a higher GPA and LSAT score than their requirements, you're much more likely to receive full-ride tuition from these lower-ranking schools.

Additionally, if you excel in your lower-ranked program, make good connections, and seek external legal opportunities, you’ll be just as qualified to land a high-paying job post-graduation!

Free Law Schools Around The World

Free law schools around the world

Following the last tip, here are three free law schools from around the world that allow you to meet both your career and travel goals!

1. University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is a public university in Norway that does not charge students tuition to study at their school! Courses are taught in English, but this school only offers a Master in Law program for those who have already completed a few years of higher education.

2. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University is another public university in Germany and is well-known as a major research center. Students with German university entrance qualifications don’t have to pay any tuition.

International students without German qualifications must pay around $3,000 USD a year in tuition fees, which is still significantly cheaper than the tuition of American law schools!

3. The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

UiT is a university based in Norway that allows international students to complete a law degree free of charge! Their curriculum focuses on environmental legal issues, so this university is ideal for students interested in becoming environmental lawyers.

FAQs: Going To Law School For Free

If you have any remaining questions about how to go to law school for free, read on to find your answers.

1. How Can I Go To Law School With No Money?

The best way to attend law school with no money is to apply for scholarships or make yourself a prime candidate to be offered scholarships. Low-ranking schools tend to give out higher-value scholarships more frequently.

2. Are There Any Free Law Schools In The US?

Currently, there are no free-tuition law schools in the United States. 

3. Can You Go To Yale Law School For Free?

Yes! With the introduction of the Soledad ’92 and Robert Hurst Horizon Scholarship Program, around 45-40 JD applicants demonstrating the most financial need will receive full-tuition scholarships at Yale Law School.

4. How Much Debt Do Most Law Students Have?

On average, law students incur a debt of $145,500 by the end of their JD program.

5. What Is The Median Salary For Law School Graduates?

The median salary for law school graduates varies based on their sector of employment:

  • Public Sector: $64,000
  • Private Sector: $130,000

6. Which Law School Is The Most Expensive To Attend?

Columbia University is the most expensive law school, with tuition costs of $78,444 per year.

Final Thoughts

While there is a common understanding that law school is a financial investment, it’s possible to go to law school for free! By following the tips mentioned in this article or even attending the free-tuition law schools listed, you can earn your law degree without paying a cent! 

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