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Hofstra Law School: Acceptance Rate & Requirements

August 25, 2023
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Want to join a law school where everything is possible? Read on to learn more about how to get into Hofstra Law School!

Hofstra Law School’s mission is to prepare, challenge, and inspire its students to make a real difference in the world. By providing them with a rich education that equips them with the experiential skills needed to thrive in any career, Hofstra produces outstanding leaders. 

Interested in learning more about how you can get into this law school and join its long list of exceptional graduates? This guide has got you covered!

Hofstra law school
Source: Hofstra Law School

Hofstra Law School Acceptance Rate

The Hofstra Law School acceptance rate is a promising 44.7%, which means that nearly half of Hofstra’s applicants are accepted into its JD program. So, while it's still somewhat competitive, there's still a good chance of securing a spot if you play your cards right!

Hofstra Law Admissions Stats

While Hofstra Law School reviews its applications using a holistic approach, they place particular emphasis on students’ academic excellence. To prove you have what it takes to handle their robust curriculums, it’s essential you score high on the LSAT and maintain a high GPA! 


To be exact, previous successful Hofstra applicants had an LSAT score median of 156, which is what you’ll want to aim for to be considered a competitive candidate!


The median GPA of Hofstra's successful candidates in their recent application cycle was 3.58.

Hofstra School of Law Requirements

Hofstra Law School seeks to admit candidates who demonstrate strong potential to succeed in their legal education and make meaningful contributions to the legal profession and society. 

They search for individuals that possess a strong academic foundation, critical thinking abilities, a commitment to justice, and a genuine passion for the law. To assess these traits, they require the following application materials:

Undergraduate Transcripts

Students must complete a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for admission at Hofstra Law. While the major you choose will have little impact on the committee’s decision, you’re encouraged to explore your academic interests and challenge yourself.

LSAT Scores

All students are required to take the LSAT to apply to Hofstra Law School.

A Personal Statement

Your personal statement provides an opportunity for you to present yourself, your background, your ideas, and your qualifications to the judges. 

This application component should humanize you and share aspects of your life and character that are otherwise missing from your application but are crucial for the admissions committee to know. Your statement should be around two pages, double-spaced. 

Optional Letters of Recommendation

Students may submit two letters of recommendation with their application. These recommendations can provide useful insight into your academic performance, potential, and accomplishments. 

While they are optional, you are highly encouraged to submit these recommendations. They will be best received if written by professors who can attest to your preparedness for law school.

A Resume

Your resume should provide a concise and comprehensive overview of your academic, professional, and extracurricular achievements and experiences.

Hofstra Tuition & Fees

Part of preparing for law school is considering its cost. By being well-informed and having a realistic budget, you can plan ahead, look into financial aid options, and have a better understanding of the potential return on your investment. 

The total estimated cost to attend Hofstra Law School ranges from $86,693 to $103,698 for full-time students and $67,972 to $84,977 for part-time students. This range depends on if you are living on your own, with family, or on campus and includes housing, textbook, transportation, and personal costs, as well as loan fees.

Hofstra School of Law Application Deadlines

As you begin gathering your application materials for Hofstra, you should keep these key dates in mind:

Application Milestone Deadline
Early action application (nonbinding) deadline November 15
Early application decision period December 15
Regular application deadline April 15
Regular application decision period 6-8 weeks after application completion

Source: Hofstra Law School

Both application types are reviewed on a rolling basis, meaning the later you wait to apply, the fewer spots there will be available. You should apply as early as possible to give yourself the best chance of acceptance!

Hofstra School of Law Bar Passage Rates

This law school has a first-time bar passage rate of almost 73%, meaning it effectively prepares its students to navigate the complex legal landscape and meet the expected standards.

Hofstra School of Law Ranking

The Hofstra Law School ranking may deter you from joining this school. As the 140th-best law school in the nation, you may question whether this school can provide you with the resources and support needed to succeed in the legal field.

Rest assured, despite its lower ranking, Hofstra is known for its strong academic reputation, leading faculty, robust experiential learning program, and ideal location in New York City that provides students with unparalleled access to career opportunities. 

FAQs: Hofstra School of Law

You can find the answers to any remaining questions about Hofstra Law School below!

1. Is Hofstra Law School Hard to Get Into?

No, Hofstra Law School is not particularly difficult to get into. It has a high acceptance rate and relatively low LSAT and GPA medians.

2. What LSAT Score Do You Need for Hofstra Law School?

Students should aim for an LSAT score of 156 to fall within the competitive range of previous successful applicants.

3. Is Hofstra a Good Law School?

Hofstra Law is generally considered a reputable institution. It offers a strong academic program, emphasizing experiential learning and providing specialized centers in various legal fields. 

With a supportive community, proximity to New York City, and comprehensive career services, Hofstra Law provides students with valuable opportunities for networking and professional development.

4. Can I Get Into Hofstra Law School With a 147 LSAT Score?

Considering Hofstra’s median LSAT score is 156, you will likely not be considered a competitive applicant with a score of 147. Consider retaking the LSAT if you have time.

If you’re set on Hofstra, and the application deadline is fast approaching, you should still apply but strengthen your other application components to try to make up for this low score. Write a compelling personal statement, highlight your other academic achievements, and prove your dedication to the legal field.

If there were extenuating circumstances that led to your low LSAT score, write an addendum so the admissions committee can consider your circumstances when reviewing your application. 

5. What GPA Do I Need to Get Into Hofstra Law School?

Students should aim for a GPA of 3.58 when applying to Hofstra Law.

Final Thoughts

With strong connections to the bustling New York legal market, expert faculty, and comprehensive curriculums, Hofstra can help you turn all of your ambitions into reality! The possibilities are limitless with this institution, so take the first step and submit a winning application!

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