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Best Online Law Schools in California

March 15, 2024
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David Merson

Former Head of Pre-Law Office, Northeastern University, & Admissions Officer, Brown University

Reviewed: 9/12/23

Keep reading to learn more about the top online law schools in California. 

In today's educational landscape, the path to becoming a legal practitioner has transformed dramatically. Traditional brick-and-mortar institutions are no longer the only way to gain a legal education. 

High-quality online programs have emerged as a flexible and accessible alternative, especially in California. These institutions seamlessly blend flexibility, convenience, and academic excellence, making it possible for aspiring legal scholars to pursue their dreams from anywhere in the world. 

If you're passionate about studying law remotely, read on to discover everything you need to know about pursuing an online legal education in the Golden State.

Top Online Law Schools in California

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Here’s our list of the best online law schools in California.

1. California Western School of Law

California Western School of Law's online law program stands out for its exceptional quality and adaptability. By seamlessly blending a rich legal heritage with modern technology, the program delivers a top-notch legal education that accommodates diverse schedules. 

Distinguished faculty members, renowned in their respective fields, create engaging online classrooms, ensuring an interactive and comprehensive learning experience. What truly sets California Western apart is its strong emphasis on practicality. The program equips students with real-world legal skills, preparing them effectively for the challenges of legal practice.

The school's extensive network within California's legal community provides students with invaluable networking opportunities and hands-on exposure, solidifying its position as a standout choice for individuals seeking a prestigious and practical online legal education in the state.

2. Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law

Pepperdine offers several online law programs, including the Master of Legal Studies, Master of Dispute Resolution, and LLM in Dispute Resolution. These programs come with set completion timelines, ensuring efficient progress. 

The hallmark of Pepperdine's online education is its commitment to academic excellence and practical learning, equipping students for various legal roles, such as judges, advocates, and legal philosophers.

Through online classes, students have the opportunity to engage with dedicated faculty, interact with peers, and collaborate with other experts in the field. This flexible approach caters to working professionals and individuals with busy schedules who may find attending traditional classes challenging. 

Pepperdine ensures students receive a comprehensive legal education by leveraging the expertise of faculty members who actively contribute to the online learning experience.

3. Northwestern University of California School of Law

Northwestern offers many online law programs that provide students with the flexibility to learn at their convenience, from anywhere they choose.

Their online program is accredited by the State Bar of California and is renowned for its convenient, flexible, and top-quality legal education. Expert professors and experienced legal practitioners design the legal coursework, ensuring its relevance and quality.

Students can access online audio, recorded video lectures, interactive lessons, outlines, and other resources. Northwestern focuses on helping students develop the practical skills needed to successfully navigate real-life situations.

Northwestern has also established an engaging online community that encourages students to actively participate and ask questions to make sure they get the help they need to thrive.

4. UC Berkeley Law School

As one of California’s best law schools, UC Berkeley offers its students an online program that continues its tradition of academic excellence and commitment to fostering a thriving and connected learning community.

Through a range of interactive tools such as video lectures, presentations, discussions, and group activities, UC Berkeley ensures that students receive an engaging and dynamic educational experience. The program also prioritizes direct interaction with faculty members, facilitating discussions, office hours, and live online meetings to create a supportive learning environment.

UC Berkeley encourages student-to-student connections through video introductions and networking opportunities, enriching the overall educational experience. This dedication to quality and engagement is what positions UC Berkeley as a leader in online law education in California and maintains its status as one of the state's premier institutions.

FAQs: Online Law Schools in California

Below are some frequently asked questions about online law schools in California:

1. Can I Go to Law School Online in California?

Yes, you can attend law school online in California.

2. Are Online Law Schools Legit?

Yes, online law schools are legitimate. California's accreditation regulations fully support and recognize online law schools, confirming their validity and credibility.

3. Is an Online Law Degree Worth It?

Yes, an online law degree can be worth it; however, keep in mind that this assessment may change depending on your personal goals and circumstances. Online law programs can provide flexibility for those who need it, but they may have limitations in terms of networking and certain types of legal practice. 

It's important to carefully research and consider your individual needs and career aspirations before deciding if an online law degree is worth pursuing.

Final Thoughts

California stands at the forefront of online legal education, offering top-tier options tailored for individuals with demanding schedules seeking flexibility and excellence. 

We've carefully selected a list that delivers exceptional instruction through the digital realm, ensuring that you not only gain a deep understanding of the law but also acquire vital practical skills essential to the legal profession. 

If you aspire to embark on a legal career while balancing a busy lifestyle, the best online law schools in California are worth considering if you want to pursue a legal career.

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