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The 12 Best LSAT Prep Books - LSAT Reading List

April 15, 2024
5 min read


Reviewed by:

David Merson

Former Head of Pre-Law Office, Northeastern University, & Admissions Officer, Brown University

Reviewed: 11/7/23

LSAT prep books serve as invaluable resources to master the intricacies of the exam and develop winning test strategies. Read on to learn the top 12 books to consider using in your LSAT prep.

The hardest part of writing the LSAT is knowing where to start and which resources you can trust to get you to your target score. As you begin looking into prep books, you’ll be bombarded with various books, guides, and trainers, all claiming they’re the best out there.

Of course, you can’t possibly read them all, so which ones should you choose? Which ones will effectively prepare you to ace the LSAT? This guide will provide you with your answers!

The Top 12 LSAT Prep Books

To narrow down your search, here are the top 12 prep books to consider using in your LSAT prep.

1. The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible

Source: Amazon 

The PowerScore Logical Games Bible is argued to be the best prep book for logic games, also known as analytical reasoning. At 746 pages, this book offers comprehensive techniques and explanations of the types of logic games you’ll encounter and how to attack them. 

With an in-depth methodology for creating diagrams, making inferences, and managing your time, this book covers everything you need to know about logic games. It also includes 28 official LSAT games and how to solve them, which is an essential component of any good study tool!

Consider this bible gospel for your LSAT AR prep! Many students solely rely on this book in combination with practice tests to master this section of the LSAT.

Why This Book is Good? 

This book is a top choice for LSAT prep because it thoroughly covers logic games, which can be tricky for many test-takers. It offers clear techniques and examples to help you understand and solve these puzzles effectively. 

With step-by-step guidance on creating diagrams, making inferences, and managing time, it's a comprehensive resource for mastering this section of the LSAT. Plus, it includes official LSAT games with solutions for ample practice.

2. The PowerScore LSAT Logic Reasoning Bible

Source: Amazon

The PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible is a tried and true logical reasoning LSAT book. It provides extensive explanations and examples of how to tackle every kind of logical reasoning question you might encounter on the LSAT.

This bible deconstructs over 100 real LSAT LR questions and teaches you how to answer them correctly. With several drills provided throughout the chapters, this prep book will ensure you can answer even the most difficult LR questions!

On its own, this bible has consistently proven to be an effective self-study prep book for thousands of students and may even be the only prep book you’ll need to ace this section of the LSAT!

Why This Book is Good? 

If you struggle with logical reasoning, this book is a lifesaver. It breaks down over 100 real LSAT questions, giving you a clear understanding of how to approach and answer them. 

Through drills and explanations, it helps you build the skills needed to tackle even the toughest logical reasoning problems. Many students swear by this book as their go-to resource for mastering this crucial section of the LSAT.

3. Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Quick & Dirty by Nathan Fox

Source: Amazon

As an LSAT primer, Introducing the LSAT is a great introductory prep book to get your feet wet. It will go over the LSAT’s common concepts, how to answer tricky logic games, the best ways to approach logical reasoning questions, and how to score high on the reading comprehension questions, even if you aren’t a strong reader.

With an effort to eliminate any “BS,” this book claims to have no-nonsense, no made-up trade-marked buzzwords, no confusing jargon, and no pulled punches. It is a straightforward, concise prep book that is easy to digest, so it sticks with you throughout your LSAT study prep and on test day. 

It’s an excellent option for students who are only studying for a month or two and don’t have time for longer prep books!

Why This Book is Good? 

If you're new to LSAT prep and want a straightforward guide, this book is perfect. It explains essential LSAT concepts without any confusing language or unnecessary complexity. 

From logic games to reading comprehension, it covers it all in a no-nonsense manner, making it easy to grasp key strategies and techniques even with limited study time.

4. 10 Actual Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI

Source: LSAC

Aside from learning theory and technique, the most important part of your LSAT prep will be to practice using real past LSAT exams. Accordingly, 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI is the perfect prep book to fulfill this study component. It includes the most recent sets of prep tests to guide your studies.

Along with having ten full LSAT tests, you’ll be given an answer key, a writing sample, and sample reading questions for each test. These tests are best used in combination with other LSAT prep tests that focus on format and explanations, like the PowerScore bibles!

As a bonus, this prep book is also created by LSAC itself, so you can trust that each prep test is authentic! 

Why This Book is Good? 

Practice makes perfect, and this book gives you plenty of it with real LSAT exams. With ten complete tests, answer keys, and writing samples, it provides an authentic test-taking experience. It's an essential resource for familiarizing yourself with the format and difficulty of the LSAT, helping you feel more confident and prepared on test day.

5. The Official LSAT SuperPrep 

Source: LSAC

As another LSAC original prep book, The Official LSAT SuperPrep contains three complete prep tests with detailed explanations, a guide to LSAT logic, and sample comparative reading questions.

This prep test also covers common wrong answer choices and how to avoid them on test day, which can be beneficial for students who keep choosing the wrong answers!

Again, this prep book would be most effective as either an introduction to your LSAT prep or a supplement to the theories and strategies learned from the more comprehensive prep books mentioned on this list.

Why This Book is Good? 

This book offers comprehensive preparation with three complete prep tests and detailed explanations. It covers everything from LSAT logic to reading comprehension, helping you understand common mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Whether you're just starting your LSAT prep or looking to fine-tune your skills, this book provides valuable insights and strategies.

6. The LSAT Trainer

Source: The LSAT Trainer

This self-study prep book written by Mike Kim has become another holy grail LSAT study tool for aspiring law students. While this trainer is 600 pages long, it covers each section of the LSAT in a clear, straightforward way to avoid confusion or boredom.

The LSAT Trainer includes unique solving strategies and more than 30 practice drills to strengthen the fundamental skills you need to ace the LSAT! Additionally, it contains over 200 practice problems and a play-by-play of how a top scorer would answer each question.

As a truly comprehensive study guide, this book also provides additional resources to ensure you are best prepared for the LSAT. You’ll find study schedules, diagramming solutions, readiness checklists, access to instructional videos, and much more!

Why This Book is Good? 

Clear and comprehensive, this self-study guide covers all LSAT sections with easy-to-understand explanations and practice drills. 

It offers unique solving strategies and additional resources like study schedules and readiness checklists to support your preparation. Whether you're studying alone or in a group, this book is a valuable tool for maximizing your LSAT potential.

7. Mometrix LSAT Prep Book

Source: Mometrix

The Mometrix LSAT Prep Book is unique because it is backed solely by research. It has been written by experienced test researchers who have found the most important and relevant concepts students should know to reach their target LSAT score.

To uphold their mission of helping any test taker, at any skill level, improve their scores dramatically with minimum effort, they explain the “secret keys” of the exam. In doing so, they hope to bridge the gap between knowing the material and actually applying this knowledge to perform well on test day.

Mometrix claims time is the biggest enemy of LSAT test takers and, therefore, includes extensive super speed methods to help students answer questions faster, which every test taker can benefit from!

Why This Book is Good? 

This book focuses on key LSAT concepts and provides super-speed methods to help you answer questions more efficiently. 

Backed by research, it offers practical techniques for improving your score, making it a valuable resource for students of all skill levels. With its emphasis on applying knowledge effectively, it helps bridge the gap between understanding the material and performing well on test day.

8. Trivium's LSAT Prep 2022-2023: Study Guide

Source: Amazon

Trivium’s prep book is designed to provide students with the knowledge and strategies needed to ace the LSAT on the first try!

This prep book goes into depth on each section of the LSAT and provides students with inside information on the best and most researched test tactics. Students can put these tactics to the test by working their way through this prep book’s real practice LSAT questions.

Unlike many others on this list, Trivium’s prep book is only around 200 pages long! But, as a prime example of prioritizing quality over quantity, each page is jam-packed with essential LSAT information that many students solely depend on for their LSAT prep.

Why This Book is Good? 

Despite its concise length, this study guide delivers essential LSAT information and effective test tactics. It covers each section of the LSAT in depth, giving you valuable insights into the test format and question types. With its focus on quality over quantity, it's a dependable resource for focused and efficient preparation.

9. The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning by Ellen Cassidy

Source: Amazon

If you find the LR section of the LSAT to be the hardest, The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning might be the perfect study guide for you! 

After developing, testing, and perfecting this book for five years, Casidy aims to provide students with a new approach to LSAT prep that goes beyond outlining question types and practice question drills. 

Instead, this prep book allows you to build the necessary skills and abilities to get the correct answer to each question without even knowing the question type! 

Students are taught how to read, remember, and critique each question accurately. They will be able to recognize the qualities that make an answer correct by learning how to exert control over the test.

As such, this prep book is truly one of a kind. It provides you with various tips and tricks to score higher on the LSAT in the easiest way possible! 

Why This Book is Good?

Offering a fresh perspective on logical reasoning, this book provides innovative strategies for improving your LSAT score. It focuses on building critical thinking skills and teaches you how to approach questions differently. 

With its emphasis on thinking outside the box, it's a valuable resource for overcoming challenges in the logical reasoning section. 

10. The LSAT Tutor by Apex

Source: Amazon

The final best LSAT test prep book on this list is The LSAT Tutor. This prep book includes test-taking tips that not only help you increase your speed but also decrease your test anxiety! These tips allow students to get into the minds of the test creators so they can make the best guesses when stuck.

Additionally, this study guide covers each section of the LSAT, providing detailed explanations of difficult material and methods to make sure you avoid mistakes on test day.

To ensure your test prep is as hassle-free as possible, this prep uses easy-to-understand language and attempts to be as straightforward as possible.

Why This Book is Good? 

This book offers practical tips and strategies for tackling the LSAT with confidence. It covers each section of the LSAT in detail, providing clear explanations and test-taking techniques. With its straightforward language and user-friendly approach, it's a valuable companion for LSAT test-takers seeking to maximize their performance on test day.

11. LSAT PrepTests 72-81 Unlocked: Exclusive Data + Analysis + Explanations

Source: Amazon 

Kaplan's LSAT PrepTests 72-81 Unlocked is your go-to resource for mastering the LSAT. It provides detailed explanations for every question in LSAC's official PrepTests Volume VI, helping you understand why you missed questions and how to improve. 

While the book doesn't include the actual tests, it offers essential test-taking strategies, sample sketchwork for logic games, reading comprehension roadmaps, and a glossary of key terms. Backed by Kaplan's expertise and decades of experience, this guide is designed to help you succeed on the LSAT with straightforward, no-nonsense advice.

Why This Book is Good? 

This book is a comprehensive resource for mastering the LSAT. It provides detailed explanations for every question in LSAC's official PrepTests Volume VI, along with essential test-taking strategies and helpful tools like sample sketchwork for logic games and reading comprehension roadmaps. 

With Kaplan's expertise and years of experience, it's a straightforward guide to help you succeed on the LSAT and improve your score.

12. LSAT Unlocked 2018-2019: Proven Strategies for Every Question Type + Online by Kaplan Test Prep

Source: Amazon

Kaplan's The LSAT Unlocked 2018-2019 is a solid resource for LSAT prep. It includes official LSAT practice questions and a practice exam, giving you a taste of what the real test will be like. 

The in-depth strategies provided are practical and useful for tackling the LSAT's tricky questions. The instructor-led online workshops and expert videos add another layer of support, offering guidance and clarification on challenging concepts. Overall, it's a straightforward tool to help you prepare for the LSAT with confidence.

Why This Book is Good? 

This book is great because it offers official LSAT practice questions and a practice exam, giving you a real taste of the test. Its practical strategies are easy to apply to tricky LSAT questions. Plus, the online workshops and expert videos provide extra support. It's a straightforward tool that boosts your confidence for the LSAT.

Explore our LSAT Sample Question Pop Quiz for a fast and effective way to test your LSAT skills. With real questions from the exam, it's perfect for gauging your readiness and sharpening your abilities.


If you have any remaining questions about which prep books to use, read on to find your answers.

1. What Is the Best LSAT Prep Book?

There is no single prep book that is the best for every student. However, the prep books on this list are the top options to choose from when deciding which book(s) will work best for you. 

2. Which LSAT Prep Book Should I Choose?

You should choose the prep book that sounds most interesting and useful to you. You’ll likely have to choose a couple to fully prepare yourself for the LSAT. Ensure you choose at least one prep book that covers theory, technique, or tips and one that includes prep tests to practice what you’ve learned.

3. What Is the Best LSAT Prep Book for Analytical Reasoning?

The PowerScore Logic Bible is the best prep book for the AR section of the exam. It is the most comprehensive and widely used. 

4. What Is the Best LSAT Prep Book for Logical Reasoning?

The PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible and The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning are the best prep books that focus solely on logical reasoning.

5. Are Prep Books My Only Option for Studying for the LSAT?

No, self-study guides are only one option for your LSAT prep! If this study method doesn’t work for you, there are experts that can help! Juris has 99th percentile LSAT tutors who can get you to your target score by creating a custom study schedule tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

6. How Should I Use LSAT Prep Books?

It’s far more important to absorb the material in your chosen prep book than to simply read it as fast as you can. Give yourself enough time to go through each chapter, make a few notes, and practice what you’ve learned to ensure it sticks.

Final Thoughts

Equipped with these best LSAT prep books, you should have a solid foundation to begin your LSAT test prep and learn the right techniques, tips, and even tricks to get to your target score with as little hassle as possible!

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