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How to Register for the LSAT + 2025 Deadlines

June 20, 2024


Reviewed by:

David Merson

Former Head of Pre-Law Office, Northeastern University, & Admissions Officer, Brown University

Reviewed: 06/19/24

If you’re ready to write your LSAT but aren’t sure how to register for it, read on to learn more.

The majority of aspiring law students need to write the LSAT as part of their law school application. If you’re planning on writing the LSAT and have picked your perfect test date, the next step is to register with LSAC to save the date! 

To make registration as easy as possible, this guide will walk you through the LSAT registration process step-by-step and provide you with all the deadlines you should be aware of.

How to Register for the LSAT

Here is how to register for the LSAT! 

Step 1: Create or Log In to Your LSAC Account

The first step is to visit the LSAC website and click Register Today. 

Once you click Register Today, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your LSAC account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one. 

LSAT Registration Step 1.5

Source: LSAC

Step 2: Read and Sign the Candidate Agreement 

Once you’ve logged into your LSAC account, you’ll be asked to sign a candidate agreement. You must sign this agreement, or you will not be able to register for the LSAT. The page should look like this, with the agreement underneath.

LSAT Registration Step 2

Source: LSAC

Step 3: Upload Your Photo Requirements

After signing the agreement, you’ll be told you have to upload a government-issued ID and a selfie showing only your head and shoulders to your LSAC account. You won’t have to upload these requirements at this stage, but you’ll be given a photo upload deadline.

Ensure you thoroughly read this page, as it will tell you which selfies are acceptable and which are not.

LSAT Registration Step 3

Source: LSAC

Step 4: Select Your Test Location

After clicking Continue To Registration, you’ll be asked to select and submit the country you plan on taking the test in. 

LSAT Registration Step 4

Source: LSAC

Step 5: Choose a Test Date

Once you’ve submitted your test location, you’ll be asked to choose your desired test date. A list of all the upcoming tests will pop up. 

LSAT Registration Step 5

Source: LSAC

Step 6: Proceed With the Registration

After choosing your test date, you’ll be brought to a page confirming your test dates and detailing the registration cost of $238. After reviewing this, click Proceed with Registration.

LSAT Registration Step 6

Step 7: Upload Your Photos

You’ll have to upload your selfie at this stage in order to continue with the registration process.

LSAT Registration Step 7

Source: LSAC

Step 8: Confirmation 

Once you’ve uploaded your picture, you’ll be asked to confirm all of your biographical information, your ethnicity, your undergrad university and degree name, and optional pre-law information. 

Step 9: Pay The Registration Fee

You will then be prompted to check out and will have to pay your registration fee of $238. Once your payment is processed, you’ll be registered and will receive a few emails confirming you have successfully registered for the LSAT.

Other Ways to Register 

If you don’t want to register online, you can register over the phone instead by calling 215-968-1001. Ensure you call during LSAC’s business hours:

  • Weekdays: 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

To eliminate any unnecessary hassle, you should create an LSAC account before calling to register for the LSAT.

LSAT Registration Deadlines

As you decide which date you’d like to write the LSAT, you should also keep the LSAT registration deadlines in mind to ensure you don’t miss them. While you can change your test date, you must do so by the registration deadline to avoid paying any fees.

If you decide to cancel your LSAT registration entirely, you must also do it by the registration deadline to receive your full refund. After this deadline, you will only receive a partial refund of $50 or no refund at all.

Below is a table of the LSAT registration deadline for the next year.

LSAT Test Date Registration Deadline
June 5-8, 2024 April 23, 2024
August 7-10, 2024 June 27, 2024
September 4-7, 2024 July 23, 2024
October 1-5, 2024 August 22, 2024
November 6-9, 2024 September 6, 2024
January 15-18, 2025 December 3, 2024
February 7-8, 2025 December 24, 2024
April 10-12, 2025 February 27, 2025
June 4-7, 2025 April 22, 2025

All LSAT registration deadlines are 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. However, it’s recommended you register during business hours if you choose to wait till the last day of registration. This is so any technical problems can be resolved before the deadline.

Are you not sure if you’re ready to take the LSAT? Take our Am I Ready For the LSAT? quiz today!

FAQs: LSAT Registration

If you have any remaining questions about how to register for the LSAT, you can find your answers below!

1. How Can I Register for the LSAT?

You can register online through your LSAC account or by phone during LSAC’s business hours.

2. How Much Does the LSAT Exam Cost?

It costs $238.

3. When Should You Register for the LSAT?

You should register as early as possible, so you’re able to change your test date or cancel your registration without penalty. 

4. What If I Have to Cancel Last Minute?

You can cancel your LSAT through your LSAC account at any time, but you will not receive a refund if you cancel at the last minute. You must cancel your LSAT by the registration deadline to receive a full refund and up to 10 days after to receive a $50 refund. After this, you will not receive any refund. 

5. Can I Change My LSAT Date After Registering?

Yes, you can change your registration date, but you must do so before the registration deadline of your initial exam in order to avoid any fees. If you change your LSAT date up to 10 days after the registration deadline, it will cost $135. If you change it 11 days after or more, it will cost $238. 

6. How Much Does It Cost to Retake the LSAT?

It costs $238 each time you take the LSAT.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know exactly how to register for the LSAT, that’s one less process to worry about as you prepare for your exam! Remember to stay on top of the deadlines discussed in this guide to ensure your LSAT experience is as smooth as possible.

Good luck!

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