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How to Get Into Georgetown Law

February 14, 2023


Reviewed by:

David Merson

Former Head of Pre-Law Office, Northeastern University, & Admissions Officer, Brown University

Reviewed: 01/02/23

If you need to know how to get into Georgetown Law, this ultimate guide will teach you everything you need to know. 

Georgetown Law is ranked No. 14 by U.S. News World and Report’s list of Best Law Schools, earning its place among the T-14 law schools. If Georgetown Law is circled on your school list, read on to learn about its programs, Georgetown Law requirements, admissions stats, and more!

Programs Offered 

Georgetown Law offers a J.D. program and four graduate law degree programs

  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)
  • Doctor of Judicial Sciences (S.J.D.) 
  • Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.)
  • Master of Law and Technology (M.L.T.)
Georgetown Law School
Source: Georgetown Law

If you’re interested in an interdisciplinary learning experience, Georgetown Law offers 18 joint law programs.

Georgetown Law Admissions Requirements 

Georgetown Law Academic Requirements

Like most other law schools, Georgetown Law requires applicants to submit applications through LSAC. If you’re planning to apply as a first-year to the J.D. program, these are the Georgetown Law requirements you must fulfill:

Georgetown law application components

Georgetown Law GPA Requirements

While there are no GPA requirements to apply to Georgetown Law, class data can help you determine what GPA you should aim for. While it’s difficult to determine the Georgetown Law School average GPA, consider the GPA percentiles of incoming full-time students

  • 25th percentile GPA: 3.66
  • Median GPA: 3.86
  • 75th percentile GPA: 3.94 

What GPA Do You Need to Get Into Georgetown? 

You should achieve an undergraduate GPA of 3.86 or higher for your best chance of admission. While there are no cutoffs, a high GPA bolsters any law school application.

Georgetown LSAT Score Requirements

There are no cutoffs for LSAT scores at Georgetown Law. While it’s difficult to determine the average LSAT score Georgetown students achieve, the percentiles from incoming students can provide more clarity: 

  • 25th percentile LSAT: 167
  • Median LSAT: 171
  • 75th percentile LSAT: 173

What LSAT Score Do I Need for Georgetown? 

While no magic LSAT score guarantees your acceptance, it's in your best interest to strive for an LSAT score at or above the median. 

Georgetown GRE Requirements

Like GPA and LSAT scores, there is no requirement for GRE scores. The GRE score percentiles of incoming full-time students are as follows:

Georgetown GRE section breakdown

Georgetown Law School Essays (Prompts & Tips) 

Writing extraordinary essays is critical to getting into Georgetown Law. We’ll outline prompts and tips below for the personal statement, optional diversity statement, and responses. 

Georgetown Law Essays Tips

Georgetown Law Personal Statement Prompt and Tips

Georgetown Law's personal statement is pretty open-ended: 

“Georgetown Law does not have a minimum or maximum length for the personal statement, though we recommend around two pages double-spaced. You can write your personal statement on any subject that will enable the Admissions Committee to get to know you.”

Open-ended statements can be tricky to navigate. These tips can help you answer the prompt to the best of your ability:

  • Choose your question: Georgetown’s Cawley Career Education Center suggests students view the personal statement as “a written interview during which you get to choose the question.” You’ll need to brainstorm potential answers that uncover your personality, passions, and motivations. 
  • Tell a story: Telling a story means focusing on your experiences and reflecting on how they impacted you and your journey. 
  • Determine the depth: Do you have one impactful experience in mind, or is there a string of events you think best represents you? Consider your depth, and try not to tackle too much content. 
  • Don’t remove the focus from you: Don’t spend too much time describing your hero, grandmother, the field of law you want to study, or the school. Focus on yourself as much as possible.

Optional Diversity Statement and Responses Prompts and Tips

The optional diversity statement and responses can add an extra layer of personality to your application. The diversity statement prompt is: 

“We encourage you to attach a brief statement to help the Admissions Committee understand the contribution your personal background would make to our community.” 

You can choose to answer one of five additional responses (limited to 250 words). The prompts are: 

“1. What is something important that you have changed your mind about?’

2. What unpopular opinion do you have, and why?

3. Tell us about a time in the last five years when you stood up for yourself.

4. Share a Top Ten List with us.

5. Prepare a one-minute video that says something about you. Upload it to an easily accessible website and provide us the URL.” 

Besides the last prompt, these tips can work for both your optional diversity statement and response: 

  • Ask yourself whether your writing adds a new layer to your application: If you want to write any of Georgetown Law’s optional essays, determine what’s missing from your application. Be careful not to restate anything from your personal statement!
  • Don’t exceed the word limit: Keep your diversity statement limited to one page, and do not write more than 250 words for your response. 
  • Make it very personal: You can touch on topics many can relate to, such as growing up with a single parent or changing your mind about a person or process. However, you should add unique details to make it stand out; ask yourself, could anyone else have written this same essay?

Georgetown School of Law Admissions Stats

The Georgetown Law School Class profile can tell you more about the students the school admits. Here are some highlights from a recent admissions cycle

  • 40% students of color 
  • 54% women 
  • 11% first-generation college students 
  • Representing 45 states and 17 foreign countries

Georgetown Law Acceptance Rate 

Georgetown's acceptance rate dipped in the last application cycle: 12.9%, down from 21% in the previous cycle. 

How Hard Is It to Get Into Georgetown Law? 

Georgetown Law received the most applications out of any law school in history in a recent cycle. According to Georgetown, one in five law school applicants applied during that cycle. Based on this data, getting into Georgetown Law is relatively difficult.

Georgetown Law School Application Deadlines & Process 

All Georgetown Law applicants must submit applications through LSAC. These are the important dates you should know:

Georgetown Dates and Deadlines

Georgetown Law has rolling admissions, making decisions as the school receives applications.

Getting Into Georgetown Law: It’s Easy With Juris

Georgetown Law is an excellent addition to your law school list. Gaining admission requires a perfected application, understanding Georgetown Law requirements, and submitting stellar essays.

Juris Education can help ensure that all your application documents are edited to perfection and ready for submission on time. Working with us can help you understand how to get into Georgetown Law while we provide concrete guidance on taking your law school apps to the next level.

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