Linnea Shares How She Got Accepted to 13 Law Schools With Juris Education

Learn how law school reapplicant Linnea transformed her profile and got accepted to 13 out of 15 schools she applied to with Juris Education!

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University of San Diego School of Law

“The LSAT tutor [Juris Education] connected me with helped me increase my score by 8 points within a month, which is crazy! I was so happy I had found a tutor I could work with and see results from.”


After graduating college in 2021, Linnea started studying for the LSAT to make her law school dreams a reality. “There were a lot of hurdles with the LSAT, because I had gone through 3 different tutors and none of them could help me increase my score,” she said. Linnea said that due to her low score, she wasn’t accepted to any schools she applied to, calling it “a really humbling experience.” 

After receiving her rejection letters, she came to a crossroads – continue her journey to law school, or find another direction for her career. Linnea didn’t let these setbacks break her spirit and resolved not to give up, but she knew “something needed to change.” That’s when she sought out our help!

How Juris Education Helped

We helped Linnea identify a compelling personal statement topic and spent the following months assisting her through the drafting and editing process. Linnea said our “ability to see her strengths and talents” was one of the most helpful aspects of her time with us. 

By attentively listening to her background and unique story, Juris Education helped her generate multiple topics. Linnea shared that it had taken her two years to brainstorm a topic, and she was “blown away” when her counselor managed to help her in just one meeting. She also highlighted our “responsiveness and attention to detail,” especially when editing her statement. Unlimited personal statement edits ensure every final draft has been meticulously edited for tone, sentence structure, flow, content, and punctuation. 

We also connected Linnea with an LSAT tutor to help her boost her score before applying in the next cycle. Within their first month together, she increased her score by eight points. “I was so happy I had found a tutor I could work with and see results from,” she said.


Linnea applied to 15 law schools and was accepted to 13 of them at the time of this video – she was still waiting on a response from the last two!