Brandon Shares How We Helped Him Get Accepted to the University of Loyola Chicago

Brandon was searching for a consulting company to make the law school application process easier. Learn how Juris Education helped him!

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University of Loyola Chicago School of Law

“The experience level [at Juris Education] was unparalleled to anything I’ve seen before on the Internet in regards to how experienced the counselors were…I strongly believe that if I was paired with any other counselor that Juris had to offer, I would’ve had a similar result in being accepted to law school and obtaining a scholarship.”


Since Brandon took the LSAT in October, the law school admissions cycle was already underway, meaning it would be a “quick turnaround to get the application process started.” Brandon said he felt “overwhelmed with the tasks” he had to complete and “the process of applying to law school” in general. 

He knew he could benefit from an expert’s guidance to help him stand out as an applicant and keep him on track under a tight deadline – that’s when he began his “search for a consulting company” and found Juris Education!

How Juris Education Helped

Brandon chose Juris Education after noticing that our team’s experience “was unparalleled to anything” he’d seen before. We connected Brandon with a counselor who was “fantastic and extremely organized” to help him navigate the law school admissions process and ensure his application was edited to perfection and submitted before the deadline. 

He said his counselor maximized his application by taking the time “to point out things, in particular, in my personal statement that I didn’t see.” Our commitment to unlimited personal statement edits ensured Brandon and his counselors could make “plenty of revisions” to help him perfect his statement and stand out. 

Brandon emphasized that it felt like Juris Education was there for him 24/7. “It’s start- to-finish, which is something that I really enjoyed,” he said.


Brandon was accepted to the University of Loyola Chicago School of Law!