Would I Be a Good Lawyer? Quiz

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Our Would I Be a Good Lawyer? quiz is a user-friendly tool crafted to help you gauge your suitability for a legal career. By answering a few simple questions, you'll receive valuable feedback on whether pursuing a career in law might be a good fit for you. 

Whether you aspire to join a prestigious law school or a local program, our quiz will provide insights to guide you toward your goals. Take the quiz and explore your potential for success in the legal field!

How Does Juris Education’s Would I Be a Good Lawyer Quiz Work?

Are you wondering if you’re cut out to be a good lawyer? This quiz is here to help you figure out if becoming a lawyer is the right career for you. We'll ask you some scenario-based questions to see how you approach them. Once you've answered all the questions, we'll give you feedback on whether being a lawyer could be a good path for you. 

Don't worry if you don't get the results you want. This quiz will only tell you whether you'd make a good lawyer. If you choose to pursue a career in this field will be ultimately up to you. If life as a lawyer isn’t right for you, there are many other careers in law to choose from.

Skills You Should Have to Be a Good Lawyer

To be a great lawyer, a person must possess skills that can help them go above and beyond for their clients. These skills include:

1. Analytical and Research Skills

Lawyers need to be good at digging deep into topics related to their cases. They also have to look closely at details, figure out the details of cases, understand what clients and witnesses say, and use their analytical skills to solve problems. Being a lawyer means dealing with lots of papers and difficult information, so being able to research well and think hard is a big part of the job.

2. Persuasive Communication

Lawyers, especially those who go to court, often use persuasive methods in their work. Being persuasive means connecting with people, understanding their problems, and finding ways to solve cases and win. Even though being persuasive aims to get others on your side, good lawyers use it mainly to help their clients succeed in their cases.

3. Writing Skills

Lawyers write a lot everyday, and being good at writing is really important in this job. Good lawyers write exceptional legal documents, keep track of cases they’re working on, send out letters to ask questions, and do other writing tasks as part of their jobs.

4. Organizational Skills

Lawyers deal with many client records and important papers all the time. To keep everything organized, many lawyers use computer programs to manage their schedules, appointments, and other work-related matters. Being organized ensures that appointments are not mixed up and that everything is submitted on time. 

You’ll be able to develop and grow these skills in law school, so don’t worry if you don’t have all of them yet. If you need assistance getting into law school, we offer admission help to those interested! 


Here are some frequently asked questions. 

1. How Do I Know If I’d Be a Good Lawyer?

Some of the few things you can gauge to see if you’d be a good lawyer is if you’re able to:

  • Communicate well
  • Be a good listener
  • Read people and situations effectively

If you can do all these, you can safely assume you’d be a great lawyer!

2. What Is the Mentality of a Good Lawyer?

The mentality of a good lawyer involves having compassion for their clients. If they lack compassion, they won't achieve their full potential in their profession. Many experienced lawyers stress the importance of compassion and serving clients well when advising law students and aspiring lawyers.

3. What Interests Do You Need to Be a Good Lawyer?

To be a good lawyer, you need to be interested in problem-solving, communication, and understanding different perspectives. You also need to have a passion for helping people and a desire to seek justice. Curiosity, analytical skills, and being detail-oriented are also important traits.

4. Do Lawyers Need Good People Skills?

Yes, lawyers need good people skills. They must communicate effectively with clients, judges, juries, and lawyers. Listening, understanding, and expressing themselves clearly helps them build trust, negotiate effectively, and advocate for their clients' interests.