What Type of Lawyer Should I Be? Quiz

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What Type of Law Should You Practice? Find Out Here!

Are you a student who is passionate about law but unsure which legal path to pursue? Whether you envision yourself arguing in a courtroom, advising businesses, or fighting for social justice, finding the perfect fit for your skills and interests is crucial.

Juris Education’s “What Type of Lawyer Should I Be?” Quiz is designed to guide you on your journey to becoming a lawyer!  Say goodbye to confusion and indecision as we help uncover the legal specialization that aligns perfectly with your unique qualities and aspirations. 

How Does Juris Education’s Quiz Help Me Choose a Legal Specialty?

Our comprehensive quiz is meticulously crafted to analyze your individual strengths, preferences, and values. By answering thought-provoking questions, you'll gain valuable insights into your personal motivations and the areas of law that resonate with you the most. In short, you get tailored recommendations

Don't let uncertainty hold you back from becoming the lawyer you were destined to be. Take our quiz today and unlock a world of possibilities! Your legal future awaits—let us guide you to find your true calling in law.

FAQs: Choosing a Legal Specialty 

This FAQ section answers frequently asked questions about our quiz and the process of finding the right area of legal expertise for you.

Are there any resources or books that can help me research and understand different types of law?

Absolutely! When you complete our quiz, you’re matched with three legal specializations that align with your personality, goals, and values. Each of these results contains links to our in-depth articles and guides on the respective legal specialties. 

How do I determine which legal specialization is the right fit for me?

Our quiz uses your responses to suggest the top three legal specializations that suit your personality, ambitions, and values. However, if you want to learn more about choosing a law school, consider reading our in-depth guide on the topic.

What factors should I consider when deciding what type of lawyer to become?

Some factors you should consider when deciding what type of lawyer to become include: