What Are My Chances of Getting into Law School?

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Find Out Your Chances of Getting Into Law School With Juris Education’s Admissions Calculator!

Applying to law school and preparing your application materials can be stressful, especially if you don’t know how strong your application is. Well, we’re here to help! Our law school admissions calculator will help determine your chances of getting accepted and guide you through this stressful and exciting journey. 

How Does Our Law School Admissions Calculator Work?

Our What Are My Chances of Getting Into Law School? Calculator is a handy tool designed to estimate your chances of getting into law school based on various factors. Here's what we evaluate:

  • Your GPA
  • Your LSAT score
  • The relevant work experiences you’ve had
  • The extracurricular activities you’ve participated in
  • Your recommendation letters
  • Your personal statement

Please keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and admissions decisions may vary based on individual circumstances and the specific criteria of each law school.

Ready to explore your law school options? Try our law school admissions calculator today to gain insights into your law school journey!


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

1. What Is the Lowest GPA For Law School? 

Typically, law schools will not accept anything lower than a 3.0. If you want to be a competitive applicant, you should aim for a GPA higher than the admitted average of the desired school you want to attend. 

If you need help getting into law school, we offer end-to-end JD application consulting services to help you get into your dream school! 

2. What Is A Good LSAT Score?

A good LSAT score falls between 153 and 160. If you score above 160, that is considered a competitive score! And if you hit a perfect 180, that's as good as it gets, though it's rare.

3. What’s the Easiest Law School to Get Into? 

The easiest law school to get into is the University of North Dakota. Its acceptance rate is around 72%, and its average GPA and LSAT score are 3.37 and 150, respectively. 

4. How Important Are GPA and LSAT Scores In the Admissions Process?

Your GPA and LSAT scores are extremely important in law school admissions. Your GPA shows how well you did in college, and your LSAT score measures your skills for law school. They both help schools determine whether you're ready for the challenge.