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Expert UVA School of Law Admissions Consulting

Are you ready to submit the most competitive UVA School of Law application possible? Get the edge you need with Juris Education’s law school admissions consulting services; maximize your chances of getting into a T-14 law school today! 

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Exclusive Guide - Receive your FREE law school admissions guide; become an expert with Juris Education!
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Tailored University of Virginia School of Law Application Guidance

Our team is committed to helping aspiring UVA School of Law students boost their chances of success with customized application support. Juris Education caters to students with diverse law school application needs, whether you’re ready to apply to UVA Law next cycle or you’re thinking years ahead. We’re interested in knowing where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go; our personal approach is designed to enhance your profile where it needs it most. 

Our Law School Experts Are Here For You

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UVA School of Law Application Support: Hit Every Milestone Effortlessly

Juris Education provides concrete, actionable guidance at every step while you build your UVA Law application. From LSAC navigation and engaging with recommenders to personal statement creation and interview prep, our experts provide expert insights into how to align your application documents with what UVA seeks in applicants. 

Start Early to Maximize Your Gains: Personalized Pre-Law Advising

Start your UVA School of Law application on the right foot with our pre-law diving program! Our counselors provide you with a high-level framework, actionable guidance, and ongoing support before you plan to apply to differentiate your profile. UVA Law seeks students who embody community, integrity, resilience, and achievement; exceed their expectations with Juris Education! 

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University of Virginia Law School Admissions: Our Step-By-Step Support Process

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UVA Law Application Support You Can Count On, From Start to Finish

Pre-application support

Decide target schools
Resume creation
Build application narrative
Identify, engage, and support recommenders

Application writing and editing

CAS and LSAC navigation
Personal statement
School-specific essays and materials
Every document, edited to perfection

Interview prep

Support for all interview styles
Mock interviews
Practice answering common questions
Insight into school-specific questions

The UVA School of Law Is Waiting for You: We’re Here to Help You Get There

Getting into the University of Virginia School of Law is within reach with Juris Education! Get ready to receive high-level guidance and the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance and perfect your UVA Law application. Eager to get started? Book a free consultation today!

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When should I begin working on my UVA Law application?

We encourage applicants to begin working on their University of Virginia Law School applications as early in the cycle as possible. Building a law school application from the ground up is a substantial time commitment. You must complete your LSAC application, refine your resume, craft essays, and gather documents.

We’ve worked with successful applicants who’ve spent two months on their applications, whereas other candidates have spent up to two years. The time it takes you to perfect your UVA Law application depends on your schedule, commitments, and other factors.

Why should UVA Law candidates work with Juris Education?

Our UVA Law admissions specialists have the expertise and expert insights necessary to help frame you as a great fit for any T-14 program. They leverage their expertise to help you craft tailored application documents while providing ongoing support throughout the process. Our team understands what UVA Law School is looking for and ensures your documents meet and exceed expectations.

Can you help me apply to other law schools?

Yes, our experts can help you apply to other law schools besides UVA Law School.

How is my UVA Law admissions counselor selected?

Our pairing process is informed by what we learn about you based on your first call and intake form. We use your background, goals, and preferences to match you with a counselor we think will best suit your needs. Every Juris Education admissions specialist has undergone a multi-step screening process to ensure the quality of their guidance—we only work with 2.5% of counselors we speak to annually.

Doesn’t the University of Virginia Law School only care about GPA and LSAT scores?

Although academic excellence and high LSAT scores can build the foundation for a strong UVA application, they don’t automatically guarantee admission. A fantastic UVA Law application is differentiated and positions you as a stellar candidate; your counselor will help you find your angle and put your best foot forward in the admissions process!

How hard is it to get into UVA Law School?

UVA Law School’s acceptance rate is approximately 12.9%. We help increase your chances of acceptance!

Which of Juris Education’s programs are right for me?

Every University of Virginia Law School applicant we work with is unique. That’s why our programs are tailored for every applicant. No matter what you’re looking for, Juris Education can support you. Click here to find your best-fit program!

I’m ready to get started! What next?

We’re excited to walk this journey with you! Click here to get started with a free consultation.