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Leading Stanford Law School Application Support You Can Count On

Elevate your Stanford Law School acceptance chances by partnering with Juris Education! Our team has extensive law school admissions experience they share with you to craft the ultimate SLS application. Are you ready to build a compelling application?

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Exclusive Guide - Receive your FREE law school admissions guide; become an expert with Juris Education!
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Proven Success In Law School Admissions: Students Trust Juris Education

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Tailored Support for Aspiring Stanford Law Students

Accessing invaluable insights into the admissions process at Stanford Law School is easier with the experts on your side. Our counselors approach your application strategy with your specific needs, objectives, and busy schedule in mind to deliver high-impact advising and editing assistance. Our strategy reflects where you are now, whether you’re a pre-law student ready to boost your candidacy today or you’re getting ready to apply this cycle.

Stanford Law School Admissions Specialists at Your Side

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Admissions Counselor - Stanford Law School
Photo of team member described below
Admissions Counselor - Stanford Law School
Our Team

A Comprehensive Approach to Stanford Law School Application Building

Obtain the end-to-end, tailored support you deserve with our customizable support programs! We conduct a thorough analysis of your unique experiences, skills, and perspectives using our proprietary persona assessment. Your Stanford Law School admissions counselor will use what we uncover together to help you craft a winning application narrative and detailed documents.

Pre-Law Advising Programs for Stanford Law School: Position Yourself as a Stellar Applicant Sooner

Building an outstanding Stanford Law School application begins with the activities and experiences you pursue in college. Our Stanford Law admissions specialists are here to guide you in pursuing your law school goals, from selecting courses and gaining leadership experiences to securing internships and diversifying your extracurricular involvement. Let's work together to enhance your Stanford Law profile years before you plan to apply!

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The Law School Admissions Support Process

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The Nation’s Leading Stanford Law School Admissions Support at Your Fingertips

Pre-application support

Decide target schools
Resume creation
Build application narrative
Identify, engage, and support recommenders

Application writing and editing

CAS and LSAC navigation
Personal statement
School-specific essays and materials
Every document, edited to perfection

Interview prep

Support for all interview styles
Mock interviews
Practice answering common questions
Insight into school-specific questions

Stanford Law School Is Within Reach!

The Juris Education team is eager to help you reach your goals. Let’s work together to craft an outstanding Stanford Law School application; book your free consultation today to learn more!

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When should students start their Stanford Law School applications?

Creating the ultimate SLS application takes time and effort. You must complete your LSAC application, write a compelling personal statement, perfect your resume, and secure recommendations, among other materials.

The process can take time, which is why we suggest candidates begin the Stanford Law application process as soon as they can. We’ve worked with successful candidates who took between two months and two years to finish their applications. The time it takes you to be happy with the finished product depends on when you plan to apply, how many other schools you need to craft applications for, and how much confidence you have in your writing and communication skills.

Why should I choose Juris Education for SLS application support?

Our Stanford Law School admissions specialists are dedicated to sharing their expert insights into the SLS admissions process with you. This insider knowledge helps you align your documents with Stanford’s expectations and can help you stand out.

Can you help me apply to other law schools besides Stanford Law School?

Yes, our admissions experts can help you apply to SLS and any other law schools on your list. Need help formulating a list? We can find your best-fit schools together!

How do you pair me with a Stanford Law School expert?

What we learn about you in our first call and your needs and goals help us select a counselor who would fit you best. Our counselors undergo a meticulous selection process to ensure you receive the most impactful admissions advice possible.

Doesn’t Stanford only care about GPA and LSAT scores?

Stellar stats can certainly strengthen your application, but it takes differentiation factors to really help you maximize your chances of acceptance. We help applicants find their unique angles and show admissions committees how they’d contribute to the class; we help you make a great case for why you should be accepted!

How difficult is it to get into Stanford Law School?

Stanford Law’s acceptance rate is 6.88%. Though its acceptance rate is low, our team’s guidance can drastically increase your chances of admission!

Which Stanford Law JD advising program is the best fit for me?

Your best-fit program will reflect the support you need and the number of schools you plan to apply to. Click here to discover our programs and find the right fit!

I’m ready to get started! What’s next?

We’re excited to start this journey with you! Click here to book a free consultation.