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Cornell Law School Admissions Counseling: Your Journey Starts Here

Get ready to strategically position yourself as the ultimate Cornell Law candidate with Juris Education! Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience help us boost your profile and create meaningful, compelling application documents. Maximize your chances of Cornell Law acceptance today!

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Exclusive Guide - Receive your FREE law school admissions guide; become an expert with Juris Education!
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Our Track Record Speaks Volumes: We’re Dedicated to Your Success

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Confidently Apply to Cornell Law School With Supportive Advising

We are devoted to providing comprehensive, friendly admissions support to every Cornell Law School applicant. Our team is dedicated to maximizing your chances of acceptance by prioritizing your unique needs, ambitions, and preferences. Our student-first approach guarantees you receive personalized, high-impact Cornell Law application guidance, whether you are ready to get started today or are a first-year college student preparing for the road ahead!

Cornell Law School Admissions Specialists: Your Application Is in Good Hands

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A Systematic Approach to Cornell Law Application Building

Our holistic, student-centric approach enables us to offer the most effective Cornell Law School application guidance possible. We delve deep into your unique experiences, skills, and viewpoints through a comprehensive persona evaluation. 

Your consultant utilizes these insights to help you refine and differentiate your documents, from building your LSAC application and editing your resume to fine-tuning your personal statement, preparing for Cornell Law interviews, and more.

Take the First Step Toward Cornell Law School Success With Our Early Pre-Law Advising Program

Creating a differentiated Cornell Law School application begins way before you open your LSAC account. Our Cornell Law admissions specialists can help you work toward your goals years earlier with our pre-law consulting programs. We guide students through their college journeys, from planning course schedules and heightening their leadership skills to applying for internships and engaging in diverse extracurriculars. Building a robust Cornell Law application starts here; let’s work together to build your future.

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Comprehensive Cornell Law School Application Advising

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Get Unrivaled Cornell Law Admissions Support With Juris Education

Pre-application support

Decide target schools
Resume creation
Build application narrative
Identify, engage, and support recommenders

Application writing and editing

CAS and LSAC navigation
Personal statement
School-specific essays and materials
Every document, edited to perfection

Interview prep

Support for all interview styles
Mock interviews
Practice answering common questions
Insight into school-specific questions

Are You Ready to Build the Ultimate Cornell Law Application?

Our Cornell Law admissions specialists are ready to help you navigate the process and increase your chances of acceptance. Get ready for unparalleled admissions support to help you reach your law school goals; book your free consultation today!

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When should I begin working on my Cornell Law application?

Crafting an outstanding Cornell Law application takes time; you must complete your LSAC application, create a personal statement, fine-tune your resume, seek recommendation letters, and more.

Given the complexity of the process, we recommend starting as early as possible. We've worked with successful candidates who have taken anywhere from two months to two years to build compelling applications. The time it takes depends on your other commitments, writing and communication skills, and the number of other law schools you plan to apply to.

Why should I go to Juris Education for Cornell Law application help?

Juris Education's Cornell Law experts are ready to share their insider knowledge and relevant insights as they guide you through the application process. This gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to tailor your documents to align with what Cornell seeks in applicants, thus boosting your chances of acceptance.

Can you help me apply to other law schools?

Our counselors can help you apply to Cornell Law, T-14 schools, and any other institution you have on your school list.

How do you select my Cornell Law admissions coach?

Each counselor we work with undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure our team consists of only the nation’s most experienced counselors. The information we learn about you, including your background, goals, and preferences, helps us choose your best-fit counselor.

Doesn’t Cornell Law only care about high GPAs and LSAT scores?

While your GPA and LSAT score are important, they don’t paint a complete picture of your candidacy. We help students differentiate themselves through well-written, polished Cornell Law documents, from personal statements to resumes and beyond.

Is it hard to get into Cornell Law?

Cornell Law School’s acceptance rate is 17%. Our team strives to boost your chances in every way possible.

Which Cornell Law JD advising program is right for me?

The best program for you depends on what you’re looking for out of your experience and how many other law schools you want to apply to. Learn more about our programs here to find your best fit!

I’m ready to apply; how do I get started?

Getting started begins with a free consultation to help us learn more about you.Click here to book yours today and take your first step toward Cornell Law acceptance!