LSAT-Flex Score Converter

Uncover Your Estimated LSAT Score With Our LSAT-Flex Score Converter!

Taking the LSAT can be challenging, but we can help. Our LSAT-Flex Score Converter shows you your estimated scaled score, making your exam preparation easier. Just enter the number of incorrect answers for each section of your practice test, and our tool will quickly estimate your scaled score.

How Does Juris’ LSAT-Flex Score Conversion Work?

Using Juris’ LSAT-Flex score conversion tool is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the Number of Incorrect Answers: Input the number of incorrect answers from the Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension sections of your practice exam.

  • Instant Calculation: Our tool will instantly calculate your estimated scaled score based on the number of incorrect answers.

  • Get Your Score: You can see your estimated scaled score immediately, which gives you a clear idea of your potential performance.

It's a simple and free way to understand how you might score on the LSAT, helping you prepare better for the exam. Start now and see your estimated score!

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Benefits of Using Our LSAT-Flex Score Converter

There are many benefits to using our score converter:

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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

1. Is Our LSAT-Flex Score Converter Accurate?

Although LSAC is the only organization that can create an official and accurate Flex score converter, our converter was made for LSAT preparation purposes only. While we can make estimates, they may not be fully accurate. Relying on official LSAC information is always recommended for the best results.

2. What LSAT Score Is Needed to Be in the 50th Percentile?

The score you need on the LSAT to be in the 50th percentile is 153. LSAT percentile scores show how well a test taker did compared to other test takers over the past three years.

3. How Many Questions Wrong Is 170 on LSAT Flex?

To achieve an LSAT score of 170, you can only answer 11 questions incorrectly. It would help if you aimed to answer around 90 out of the 101 total questions correctly to get a score of 170.