Harvard Law School

Yumiko Wanted to Ensure She’d Be a Competitive Law School Applicant; We Helped Her Make Her Harvard Law School Dream Come True

Harvard Law School
Yumiko knew she wanted to be a lawyer since high school but wasn’t sure what she could do during college to ensure she was getting the competitive edge she needed to attend a T-14 law school. Learn how Juris Education helped her get accepted to Harvard Law School!
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Yumiko had lofty law school aspirations and knew she needed an action plan to make her dreams a reality. As a history major, she wasn’t sure which courses to take that would keep her GPA sky-high and her transcript well-rounded. 

She also wanted to ensure she was pursuing extracurriculars and other experiences demonstrating her passion for the legal field. Additionally, she wanted to know precisely what top schools seek in applicants and had numerous questions about expectations, application components, and timelines. Yumiko contacted us to ensure she stayed on track toward becoming the ultimate law school applicant! 

How Juris Education Helped?

Yumiko enrolled in our pre-law advising program to help her boost her candidacy before she planned to apply to law school. Pre-law advising is particularly valuable for future law school applicants; there’s no way to go back in time and pursue more experiences and different paths once the application cycle begins. 

Our first meeting with Yumiko helped us learn more about her goals, background, preferences, and interests. We started by creating a high-level tracker to discuss, plan and execute activities each month leading up to before the law school application cycle opened. 

We helped her plan which courses to take to develop her interests, cater to her strengths, and add breadth to her transcript. Then we collaborated to build an extracurricular strategy in and outside the classroom to ensure her profile was unique and demonstrated her interests and passions. Building on her interest in constitutional law, we helped Yumiko plan and craft a government internship application. 

The academic and extracurricular advising Yumiko received from us helped her build her candidacy early. By the time Yumiko was ready to apply to law school, she was proud of how much work she had done and surprised by how seamless the process was!


Yumiko was accepted to nine law schools and ultimately decided to attend Harvard Law School!

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