University of Florida Levin College of Law

Learn How We Helped Willow Transform Her Varied Experiences and Character Traits Into Masterful Law School Essays

University of Florida Levin College of Law
When Willow started the law school application process, she knew she’d need to write multiple essays. She sought out Juris Education to help her craft well-written narratives showcasing her best qualities!
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Writing law school essays can be challenging for many applicants. Although Willow excelled at academic writing, she realized she struggled to write about herself. She wasn’t sure what her tone should be, what she wanted to show admissions committees, and how to show them why she was an excellent candidate without explicitly saying it. 

Willow felt that her first drafts didn’t tell compelling stories and “didn’t feel right.” Every law school applicant wants to ensure they give themself the best chance of acceptance – that’s why she came to Juris Education for help.

How Juris Education Helped?

Willow’s concerns were similar to what many applicants feel when they first sit down to convey why they’re a great fit for law school. We reassured Willow that many students struggle to write about themselves after being used to academic, third-person writing throughout college. After learning more about her and her reasons for approaching us, we created a high-level plan to help her dedicate the time necessary to submit her application documents on time. 

After creating a plan that worked around Willow’s busy schedule and application deadlines for the schools she planned to apply to, we worked through her persona assessment together to illuminate her most meaningful experiences, what she’s passionate about, and the unique things about her (like her talent for the saxophone) that could add sprinkles of differentiation and interest to her essays and materials. 

Afterward, we discussed which experiences and traits we could link to each other to create compelling application narratives. Willow’s next essay drafts were much more descriptive and followed a narrative structure aligning with what top law schools expect. After multiple essay edits, concrete feedback, and continued support, her work was expertly polished and ready for submission!


Willow was accepted to 13 schools of the 25 she applied to and ultimately decided to attend the University of Florida Levin College of Law! 

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