Duke University School of Law

Talia Thought Her LSAT Score Would Be a Barrier: We Helped Her Get Into A T-14 Law School

Duke University School of Law
Talia didn’t have any time to retake the LSAT and was concerned her score might automatically take her out of the running at any of the T-14 law schools. Reluctant to take a gap year, she sought out Juris Education’s help to make the most of her application.
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Talia had wanted to become a civil rights lawyer since her junior year of high school. Between college coursework, extracurriculars, and a part-time job, Talia’s study time was limited, leading her to score 162 on the LSAT. 

Unfortunately, the test date she chose didn’t give her the option to study and retake the exam before she wanted to apply to law school. After researching the average LSAT scores of admitted students at T-14 law schools, Talia realized she might need to take a gap year, a pushback in her personal timeline that she wasn’t excited about. 

Wondering if there was any way acceptance was still in her grasp, Talia sought Juris Education out for help – here’s how we made her T-14 law school dreams a reality! 

How Juris Education Helped?

While a high LSAT score can fortify any law school application, we assured Talia that her dreams of attending a top-ranked school were not instantaneously squashed by her score. Although a crucial selection factor, LSAT scores aren’t the only application component law schools weigh in admissions decisions. 

With her LSAT score now beyond her control, we helped Talia direct the energy she’d spent agonizing over statistics into crafting the most compelling application possible. Our persona assessment analysis helped us learn that she was a talented writer who had received awards in two university-wide writing competitions. 

We also learned more about Talia’s commitment to fairness, service, and the legal profession: as an active member of her college community, she participated in mock trials, volunteered at local shelters, and organized multiple student events, all while studying full-time and working part-time. 

These insights into her experiences helped us find an application narrative centering on her perseverance and commitment to service. Through multiple essay drafts, we helped Talia craft masterful narratives describing why and how she’d be a stellar addition to any law school and the legal field as a whole.


Talia applied to 15 law schools and was accepted to eight, including T-14 Duke University School of Law!

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