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See How We Helped Reapplicant Markus Ace His Interviews and Get Into Law School

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Markus applied to law school last cycle, securing interviews at four of the 10 schools he applied to. However, he wasn’t accepted to any law school during that cycle; read on to learn how Juris Education helped him!
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Markus applied to law school last cycle with a track record of continued academic excellence, varied extracurriculars, work experience, and compelling essays. When he was invited to interview at seven schools, he was ecstatic to be more than halfway to getting accepted to law school. 

Although Markus had practiced for his interviews alone in the weeks leading up to them, he left each interview feeling that he hadn’t performed his best. After receiving seven rejections, Markus knew that while his application was solid, his interviewing skills could use polishing. After learning about Juris Education’s mock interviewing service, he enrolled to help him hone his skills and show law schools why he’d be a stellar addition to the incoming class!

How Juris Education Helped?

Markus wanted comprehensive support across the entire application cycle to give himself the best chance of success. We began by learning more about him, his past attempt, and his goals and needs. After working with Markus to help him alter and perfect new essays and application materials reflecting his new experiences, we began the interview prep process. 

Our interview service centers on ensuring candidates receive actionable feedback they can use to improve their skills. Our mock interviews are tailored to the styles used by the law schools candidates apply to, and we provide insights into school-specific questions to minimize the chances of being blindsided by questions. 

After multiple interview sessions, Markus understood how to formulate compelling answers to interview questions without sounding too rehearsed and adjusted his body language to appear confident and friendly.


Markus was accepted to eight of the 10 schools he applied to and decided to attend Yale Law School!

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