Texas A&M University School of Law

Jean Didn’t Think He Had a Unique Application Angle – We Showed Him How We Could Differentiate Him

Texas A&M University School of Law
Profile differentiation and strategic positioning help law school applicants stand out; however, Jean worried he was just an “average student” who wouldn’t stand out to admissions committees. See how Juris Education proved him wrong and helped him get accepted to Texas A&M University School of Law!
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Jean’s first-choice law school was Texas A&M University, but he wasn’t sure how he’d fare in the admissions process after learning his stats fell just slightly below the average of the previous admitted class. Jean had always considered himself an average student and wondered if his law school dreams were attainable based on his current stats. 

Although he had participated in some extracurricular/service activities, he worried that this wouldn’t be enough to help his resume or application stand out. Ultimately, he needed an expert’s opinion to see how his application might be received; he sought out Juris Education and began his journey toward acceptance. 

How Juris Education Helped?

It’s common for graduate school applicants to feel as if they don’t have a “unique” profile or stories to share. However, we love to remind students that admissions committees aren’t always searching for outlandish stories and flashy activities – they’re searching for evidence of your passion, motivation, fit, and strong character. 

Our background analysis helped us understand more about Jean’s journey so far, and we discussed his concerns and aspirations. After, we paired him with his best-fit counselor to conduct a detailed persona assessment to better understand his strengths, activities, experiences, passions, and interests. 

Through this assessment, we learned that Jean had volunteered at an animal shelter for more than three years, loved participating in mock trials, and worked part-time at a retail store as a cashier and served on the loss prevention committee. 

In turn, we ensured Jean’s commitment to caring for vulnerable parties, his passion for the legal field, and his role as a loss prevention official demonstrate his initiative and problem-solving skills. These findings helped us create strong application narratives showcasing why Jean would make an excellent addition to any incoming law school class. 


Out of the eight schools Jean applied to, he was accepted to four, including Texas A&M University School of Law!

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