University of Virginia School of Law

Ammar Was Overwhelmed by the Law School Admissions Process; Juris Education Helped Him Become an Expert Navigator

University of Virginia School of Law
Ammar reached out to us before he began working on his law school application materials. Juris Education helped him navigate the application cycle like a pro; read on to learn how we helped Ammar get accepted to the University of Virginia School of Law!
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Balancing college courseloads and applying to law school is challenging – Ammar wanted to ensure he applied early in the cycle but felt overwhelmed by the various deadlines and application components he’d need to complete. With worries about deadlines on his mind, he went to see whether his college could support him in any way. 

Unfortunately, Ammar’s college didn’t have a pre-law advising center, and none of his family, friends, or peers had ever applied to law school. Without anyone to lean on through the process, Ammar sought out Juris Education to ensure he’d stay on track!

How Juris Education Helped?

First, we reassured Ammar that many aspiring law professionals find the process daunting and confusing. After learning more about his goals, needs, and preferences, we launched into action. 

Every future law student we work with receives a detailed project tracker to ensure every application element is accounted for and every deadline is met on time. Going through each item, Ammar felt more and more secure in his approach to tackling the application cycle. 

Together with his experienced law school counselor, they went through everything he’d need for each of the 10 schools he was applying to, including personal statements, a recommendation letter strategy, diversity statements, optional essays, and more. Our organizational tactics, continued support, and commitment to sticking to a timeline Ammar was comfortable with resulted in him perfecting his applications well in advance of the law school deadlines! 


Ammar applied to 15 law schools and was accepted to eight of them. He accepted an offer to the University of Virginia School of Law!

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