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Law Schools in Kentucky: List + Admissions Stats

September 5, 2023
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Reviewed: 03/03/23

Kentucky is home to three great law schools! To learn more about these law schools and what they can offer you, read on.

Kentucky is known for its rich cultural traditions, horse racing, caves, and of course, fried chicken! For aspiring law students, Kentucky is also home to several law schools that offer robust programs, vibrant communities, and collaborative environments.

If you’re considering attending law school in this state, this guide will go over the best law schools in Kentucky and give you an overview of their important admission statistics and program offerings!

Law Schools in Kentucky

There are three law schools in Kentucky with varying rankings and admission statistics. As you prepare your law school applications, consider these median scores to ensure you’re a competitive applicant:

School Ranking Median GPA Median LSAT Acceptance
Bar Passage Rate Tuition
University of Kentucky 67 3.62 157 45.7% 90.6% $25,218 or $51,374
University of Louisville 94 3.56 156 51.5% 87.4% $23,898 or $$28,898
Northern Kentucky University 147-192 3.37 153 65.2% 65.5% $23,033 or 36,735

Source: US News

Now that you know more about the scores you’ll need to get into law schools in Kentucky and how much they’ll cost, you may be more curious about these institutions and the type of legal education they can provide you! Here’s a breakdown of the unique resources each law school offers:

1. The University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is the best law school in the state. It has one of the highest and most consistent bar passage rates in the nation, proving its graduates are well equipped for prosperous legal careers! This school has been around for over a century and even established the nation’s first law school trial practice program!

UK has one legal clinic that offers students an exceptional introduction to the realities of legal practice to ensure they’re practice ready. Students participating in this clinic gain extensive experience on substantive and procedural law, legal research, writing, analysis, interviewing, counseling, investigating, and drafting legal documents!

This law school also offers various externships, including an Innocence Project, and is committed to pro bono work. Students will have the opportunity to join community engagement efforts that match their interests, including representing neglected and abused children, low-income citizens, veterans, and domestic violence victims. 

2. The University of Louisville

Louisville was recently named one of the top cities for graduates. As the largest city in the state, Louisville has the hottest legal market. It is home to several big law firms and large employers including Ford, Amazon, and UPS. 

Many of the University of Louisville’s graduates work at these large organizations, and all of their students have the opportunity to pursue summer internships at them! Speaking of opportunities, this law school also offers four legal clinics to its students.

Along with these clinics, students have access to diverse externships, internships, and study-abroad opportunities. All of these pursuits give students access to attorneys and judges to provide them with invaluable training that goes beyond the textbooks to ensure they hone their lawyering skills before graduation.

3. Northern Kentucky University

The final law school in Kentucky is NKU. With the motto “learn, lead, excel,” this university is dedicated to preparing for the future of law. NKU offers a distinctive legal education designed for its students to transform into next generation lawyers.

This education is supported by nationally recognized scholars, leading experts in the field, and distinguished practitioners. It is also supplemented by five legal clinics representing a range of clients, including children, wrongfully convicted prisoners, small businesses, nonprofits, and commercial organizations. 

With a commitment to community involvement, all NKU students are required to complete 30 hours of pro bono work, which allows them to contribute to the Kentucky community and strengthen their resumes! NKU offers different pro bono projects each year to represent underrepresented clients.

FAQs: Kentucky Law Schools

In this guide, we’ve gone over the three law schools in Kentucky and provided in-depth insight on their programs, admissions details, and tuition costs. For any unanswered inquiries, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Kentucky law schools:

1. How Many Law Schools In Kentucky?

There are three law schools in Kentucky: the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, and Northern Kentucky University. 

2. What Is the Best Law School In Kentucky?

The University of Kentucky is the best law school in the state; it has the highest overall rankings and bar passage rate!

3. Is the University of Kentucky a Good Law School?

Yes, the University of Kentucky is considered to be a good law school that can offer students the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the legal field. This school has been around for around 115 years and has perfected its legal programs to meet the changing needs of today’s legal scene! 

4. What LSAT Score Do I Need for the University of Kentucky?

The median LSAT score of previous admitted students is 157, which is what students hoping to get into this school should aim for. Considering the national LSAT average is around 152, a 157 should not be too challenging to obtain! For students with low LSAT scores, the other two law schools in Kentucky have lower LSAT medians. 

5. What Kentucky Law School Is the Hardest to Get Accepted Into?

The University of Kentucky is the most selective law school in the state. It has the highest admission expectations and lowest acceptance rate.

6. Is Chase Law School Good?

While Chase Law School, which is part of Northern Kentucky University, is a low-ranking school, it still offers its students valuable resources that can help them kickstart their legal careers. Chase students gain valuable clinic and pro bono experience to make them competitive employees and are taught by distinguished faculty members. 

It is also the only law school in Kentucky to offer a part-time JD program, making it the best option for busy students!

Final Thoughts

Knowing where you want to attend law school is a big first step toward deciding your top choices! If you know Kentucky is the perfect place for you to begin your legal journey, this guide should help you confirm your decision and choose the right school to meet all of your personal and professional goals!

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