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Law Schools in Georgia (Key Info + 2023 Rankings)

September 5, 2023


Reviewed by:

David Merson

Former Head of Pre-Law Office, Northeastern University, & Admissions Officer, Brown University

Reviewed: 01/18/23

If you’re interested in attending law school in Georgia, read on to learn more about the top law schools the state has to offer.


When you think of Georgia, you likely think of either peaches (Georgia is often called the “Peach State”) or its bustling and vibrant capital, Atlanta. However, Georgia is home to more than just great peaches and a well-known city.

Georgia also has several amazing law schools that offer diverse curriculums to prepare aspiring lawyers for prosperous legal careers. In this guide, we’ll go over all of the ABA-accredited Georgia law schools, their key statistics, and their rankings.

List of Law Schools in Georgia

Infographic outlining the five accredited law schools in Georgia

Georgia has five accredited law schools prospective students can choose from:

University of Georgia

The School of Law at the University of Georgia is widely acknowledged as one of the best institutions in the nation, ranking 29th as the Best Law School in the US.

UGA offers a world-class, hands-on, purpose-driven educational experience to all of its law students.

If you’re interested in joining this prestigious university, it’s important to know its admission requirements. Considering this law school has a relatively low acceptance rate of 18.6%, its high median GPA of 3.82 and LSAT score of 166 come as no surprise.

However, what may come as a surprise is UGA’s low tuition costs. Georgia residents can expect to pay $17,604 a year for tuition and non-residents can expect to pay $36,362. In comparison, the average cost of law school tuition for private institutions, such as UGA, is $53,034.

Emory University

The School of Law at Emory University is another exceptional law school in Georgia. Emory ranks 30th as the Best Law School in the nation and dedicates itself to helping students discover their passions and help others through law.

While this school is ranked only slightly lower than UGA, its acceptance rate is significantly higher, at 27.3%. However, don’t let this acceptance rate mislead you into thinking Emory is easy to get into. While it has a high acceptance rate, its median GPA is 3.8, and its median LSAT is 167, which is even higher than UGA’s.   

Emory’s tuition is also considerably higher than UGA’s at $63,600 a year making this school’s tuition the highest on the list.

Georgia State University

The College of Law at Georgia State University is one of the top law schools in Georgia and ranks 78th as the Best Law School in the nation. Georgia promises world-class education for its courageous, committed, and curious students and is dedicated to the pursuit of justice.

Similar to Emory, Georgia has an acceptance rate of 27%. However, its score requirements are lower than UGA’s and Emory’s. Its median GPA is 3.55, and its median LSAT score is 160.

Georgia State’s tuition costs are $18,010 for residents and $37,618 for non-residents.

Mercer University

Another Georgia law school is the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University. Mercer ranks 122nd as the Best Law School in the nation and claims to foster a close-knit culture that makes learning enjoyable and success attainable.  

Mercer has a high acceptance rate of 36%, a relatively low median GPA of 3.51, and an LSAT score of 156.

Tuition for this school costs $42,292 a year.

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

The final school on this list of Georgia law schools is Atlanta’s John Marshal Law School. This school ranks between 147th -192nd among the Best Law Schools in the nation. John Marshall Law School provides high-quality education with an emphasis on providing non-traditional students access to legal education.

As a lower-ranking school, John Marshall has a high acceptance rate of 43.1% and lower score requirements. The median GPA for admission is 3.13, and the median LSAT score is 151. So, for those who may be worried about getting into law school with a low GPA, this might be the perfect school for you!

Tuition for this school costs $48,578 per year.

The Best Law Schools in Georgia

Depending on what factors you prioritize, any one of the listed schools could be the best law school for you. If money is the biggest factor, the University of Georgia or Georgia State University may be better options since they have the cheapest tuition. 

However, considering their ranking and overall reputation, the University of Georgia and Emory University are the best law schools in Georgia.

The University of Georgia, in particular, has the added bonus of having the number one employment rate in the US. More than 97% of its 2021 class secured full-time, long-term jobs. 

Noting a law school’s employment rate is a significant factor to consider because law school is just half the battle; securing a stable legal job is the other half. So, remember to choose a school that equips its students for the workforce.

Why Apply to Georgia Law Programs?

Aside from Georgia’s world-class law programs, many of the listed universities are located in Atlanta. Atlanta has various law firms, government agencies, and organizations that can open doors for you as a law student and graduate. 

Rest assured, you’ll have many learning opportunities through your curriculum and environment.

FAQs: Georgia Law Schools

If you have any remaining questions about law schools in Georgia, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Georgia law schools.

1.  What Law Schools are in Atlanta, Georgia?

Emory University, Georgia State University, and, you guessed it, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School are all located in Atlanta.

2.  Are There Any HBCU Law Schools in Georgia?

No, there aren’t any HBCU law schools in Georgia.

3.  What is the Easiest Law School to Get into in Georgia?

Based on the high acceptance rate of 43.1% and low GPA and LSAT score requirements of 3.31 and 151, respectively, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School is the easiest to get into.

4.  What is the Best Law School in Georgia?

According to its ranking, programs, tuition costs, and graduate employment rates, the University of Georgia is the best law school in Georgia.

5.  Which Law School in Georgia is the Cheapest to Attend?

The University of Georgia is the cheapest to attend for residents and non-residents.

6.  What GPA Do I Need to Get Into Georgia Law Schools?

In order to get into a law school in Georgia, you’ll need to have a GPA between 3.13 and 3.82, depending on which school you’d like to join.

7. What LSAT Score Do I Need to Get Into Georgia Law Schools?

Subject to which school you’d like to attend, you’ll need an LSAT score between 151-167 to be considered competitive.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the essential statistics about all the accredited law schools in Georgia, you can pick one that best suits your interests and needs! While the top choice is the University of Georgia, any law school on this list can help you begin a fruitful, or rather peachy, legal journey in Georgia!

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